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Since Sep 18, 2001

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I am a pro-life, Repubican, entrepreneur who posts on right to life issues, property rights, and other contitutional issues.

Support Life Rally
January 22, 2003

Life is positively the best experience I've had so far. How about you?

Thirty years ago today the Supreme Court, in a fit of unbriddled judicial activism, decided that they would devise a right of a mother to kill her preborn children. They decryed that a woman's right to be liberated from the burdens of procreation after they become pregnant. These so called constitutional rights are inferred in the constitution's 14th amendment right to privacy and liberty. Because our constitution failed to address the rights of our preborn citizens specifically, the Supreme Court errored on the side of the mother's draconian life & death rights over her preborn children. The court deftly skirted the question of personhood as matter of necessity in its ruling. The court itself acknowledged that, "If this question of personhood is established, the appellant's case, of course, collapses, for the fetus' right to life would then be guaranteed specifically by the [14th] Amendment.
A Supreme Court case will eventually force the acknowlegement of the truth of pre-born human personhood and Roe and Doe will be overturned. The weight of evidence of prebirth personhood is becoming more compelling everyday as life science advances. The controlling facts are that each and everyone of us owes our earthly lives to our individual pregnancies. Had any of our lives been obliterated by a "doctor" we would be denied all rights under the constitution, including our right to live. This "legal" loophole in procreation allows socially irresponsible behaviors to be covered up through infanticide. The tragic result is that we kill more preborn children each year than we have lost in all U.S. wars since our founding combined. Abortions are responsible for roughly 36 times the total number of American deaths in all U.S wars. It would seem that we are acting as own worst enemy by far.
Every human being that has lived upon this earth, has a common origin. They are conceived, grow thru pre-born development, and are born. Likewise each and every person who ever lived, owes their life to the same common origin. Without the protection of the pre-born stage of life, noone would have a right to live. Either this simple truth is too obvious for the defenders of Roe to see, or they live in a state of willful denial of these facts, attmpting to justify the unjustifiable, absent the empathy that has given them life.
Here in Oregon, we kill roughly 14,000 per year at 21 abortions per thousand women per year. California and New York were nearly double the average rate. Of those residing in Klamath County, 136 abortions were reported with 10 being preformed inside Klamath County, 2 in Descutes County, 65 in Jackson County, 37 in Lane County, 1 in Marrion County, and 21 in Multnomah County.
If your are interested in human rights, the most vital issue in modern society is the right to preborn life. Pro-life Americans are in a strong majority in recent polls. A Wirthlin poll released last week reported 68% of respondents support "restoring legal protection for unborn children," and almost the same number said they would favor future Supreme Court nominees who supported protections. That poll was commissioned by pro-life groups, but then came a USA Today/CNN/Gallup poll in which 70% of respondents said partial-birth abortion should be outlawed, 78% backed a mandatory 24-hour waiting period for all abortions, 73% supported parental consent for girls under 18 seeking abortions, and 88% said they favor a law directing doctors to inform patients of alternatives to abortion before it is performed. Gallup's polling consistently reveals that from 51% to 54% of Americans believe abortion should be "Legal only under certain circumstances" -- while just 25% to 27% says it should be "Legal under any circumstances" and 18% to 22% that it should be "Illegal in all circumstances." Furthermore, these breakdowns in opinion have largely prevailed since the 1970s. The status quo abortion at any time for any reason represents just 20% of public opinion. Public policy has lagged far behind public values.
The only people that really understand this issue of pre-born humanity are actively fighting this battle. The full understanding of abortion compells one to act in defence of our most innocent human lives. Now is the time to act in defence of people just like you. Please join the effort to change the hearts, minds, and laws of our great nation.