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"Sometimes, to love someone, you gotta be a stranger." --Rick Deckard


Gone d'Anconia.

Most days, I have better things to do than waste time sitting in an echo chamber of libelous vipers who have no real life and whose main contribution is to make conservatives look like ignorant idiots. Fortunately, there still is intelligent life here, if you know where to look!

In any case, if you leave a message, it might be quite a while 'til I get back to you.

Via our constitutional democratic republic, The People voted for this garbage we have today.

That's why it's key, IMO, for us to focus on The People, and not waste all our time on politicians' gamesmanship. We need to get the populace educated and converted, and the elections will follow. So please ask yourself: "What have I done today to move the electorate toward voting freedom back into place?"

While our Legislative branch, the Congress, makes federal laws, the enforcement of those laws comes from our Executive branch. When agencies of the executive branch propose regulations (ostensibly to enact those laws), The Left uses the "public comment periods" to effect changes on, delay, or otherwise influence these regulations. Rarely do I see conservatives take advantage of this powerful tool. Most of the proposed regulations and comment periods are listed at http://www.regulations.gov, and I hope that my FRiends will file comments with the vigor, skill, and effort spent on commenting here. Remember that the comments must be substantive to require a response, so invest some time to help save the Republic! Don't just talk (write) about things or whine about them afterwards — make an actual difference! Please.

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Just say "No!" to libprop!

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