Since Aug 23, 2002

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Health update, in case anyone checks in. My cancer has gotten into my brain, I had a major seizure & the lesions are wreaking havok with my hands. I'm stuck typing hunt & peck, so on-line communication is a bit difficult. Hopefully the radiation treatments that I'm getting will knock the beast back down again. I still have no expiration date & I'm still me. Prayers for healing appreciated, but please no thread about it, as I still don't know how to thank all of those who've added me to their prayers. A few of my posts say something like I will be voting more than once this coming election cycle. Let them try to catch me. I want Democrats reading my posts to feel the same outrage that I feel, as I watch the fraud that disenfranchises me. Watch the numbers in the county's of Wisconsin that border Illinois. I predict that there will be more voters in some districts than the voting age population living in them. It's not illegal to say you're going to vote early & often.

Picture your nutty old aunt. Extra points if she's wearing a caftan. Double extra points if she dyes her hair with henna. Triple extra points for rhinestone jewelery. Oh, erase that silly little punting dog. Got the picture? Good. She is my goal!

If you took a moment to take a look at my profile & if you are a praying person, I ask only for one small prayer. I don't want a thread started, nor do I want any kind of notification to ping lists. I never know what to say back to people who express concern for me. I don't do drama queen very well & almost feel like that is what I'm being in writing this on my homepage.

Anyway, I have breast cancer & it has spread to my bones. I may never be free of it, but I may be able to live with it, God willing, for years. The doctor put me on medication that will deprive my system & the cancer of estrogen. Hopefully that will knock the cancer way back. The effectiveness of this treatment will be tested in about a month, unless there's some kind of emergency before then.

BTW, you can drop me a hello in FReepmail. I wouldn't have put *anything* on my page about the cancer if I meant for it to put distance between myself & others here. It's just, I am more than the tumor, which is why I don't wanna make my cancer into the sole topic of discussion.

May 29th update... The anti-estrogen treatment was not getting the job done, so I had a port installed this morning & round one of chemotherapy began today. Round two will be in about three weeks.