Since Oct 18, 2005

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Hey there,

since you clicked my nametag I will not let you down and tell 2 sentences about me.

In real live I am a European with a hunger for first-hand information on the rapid changes of our good ol' world.

To specify I am from Germany - exactly that country everybody seems to be curious about the quality of it's soldiers then and now but certainly more then.

In this context, may I ask to spare me any Nazi comparison ? Please ! They are just so overstreched. I don't say we can't talk about this chapter - just the opposite is the case - but don't compare EVERYthing that bothers you with something that bears swastika. The Gay agenda, socialism, communism, bad weather, foul teath, kim il yong - these things have NOTHING to do with A.H.. Germanys histroy can't be understood by looking only at the time between 33 and 45 of the last century.

Up to now I have made very good experience with freepers - people seem to have a wide understanding of values like freedom.
If somebody at home asked me if there where ideas that we should import from the US I could already talk for hours.
Sad to say that up to now nobody really cared about asking me, so I consider my Freep actions to be a hobby.

If you've got questions about europe and germany than I'll be more then happy to answer them

For the moment my attitude towards things in Europe is not as bad as the often quite dark forecasts europe gets in this board but I don't mind much.

In the end let's not forget that the US whould not be better of without the EU. The inverted case I don't have to tell since you already heared that the EU is not really suffering under the existance of the US.

So let's all be friends and eat cheesecake.