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VietNam Era-Cold War Vet U.S.M.C/0311/0351.

Second Battalion, Second Marine Regiment, Second Marine Division, "Second To None"

I have over Thirty Years Of Law Enforcement Service to this country, At The Federal and County Levels.

Currently War on Terror Vet(domestic front)/ Federal Officer-U.S. Customs & Border Protection(Legacy U.S. Customs)/ On 9-11-01 and the months following the attacks, along with my colleagues, conducted Code Red Intensive Anti-Terrorist Operations U.S.-Mexican Border. I have worked at a Land Border, International Airport, and Seaport.

On Dec. 24, 1965 after serving 13 months and 3 weeks in Guantanamo Bay Cuba, a military transport aircraft landed in Norfolk Virginia, three U.S. Marines got off that plane, and kissed the runway, grateful to be back in this Great Country.God Bless and Save America.

America Love It or Leave It, cause we're done changing it.

"Republican or Democrat Not a Dimes Bit of Difference Between Them"......paraphrase of a quote from George C. Wallace.

Enough is Enough.

Chrisitan Serbs were the early warning system to what lay in store for the West in the war against Islamic Terror. But the West chose to align itself with Islamic Terror groups like the KLA and bomb the Serbs in what amounted to a combined 5th Crusade against Orthodox Christians. The West was sent a thank you card postmarked 9/11,sent via air mail delivery, ironically from followers of the religion of "peace" it sought to appease. Turkish history lesson I am writing in response to a short write-up by Marilyn McDevitt Rubin ("Talking Turkey," Oct. 16) on her recent visit to Turkey -- specifically, her uneducated and skewed statements regarding the history of the region. My response is in no way a slight on Turkish people, nor an attempt to discourage travelers to Turkey. It is a beautiful country, rich in history and accomplishments. I highly recommend one visit and appreciate all that the country has to offer. However, my disappointment arises from the author's inaccurate references to specific events in history. I respect Turkish history, and I admire the efforts of Ataturk to westernize and modernize Turkey, but the events she highlights as admirable and impressive are in fact a delicate subject that anyone should have explored prior to singing the praises of the likes of Suleyman and Ataturk. Anyone with even a meager knowledge of the region would find the article offensive, as it is filled with unfounded statements undoubtedly repeated from a biased, uneducated tour guide. Greeks, Armenians and even Britons fought vehemently against the Turks for decades in support of the Greeks who struggled to keep their land, homes and businesses which had been established for centuries before the term "Turk" even existed. Ms. McDevitt-Rubin, are you aware that Ionia and Pontus were colonized by Greeks over 3,000 years ago? You should know that Istanbul was once Constantinople, a great educational, religious and commerce centre built by Greeks. Therefore, what you refer to as the "Turkish war of independence" is a term used by the Turks to justify the genocide and eradication of Anatolian Greeks in order to seize the valuable land, successful businesses and properties established and preserved by Greeks for centuries since ancient times. This was no "war for independence" -- it was a slaughter instituted and endorsed by the Turkish state to purloin the most valuable properties and businesses on the western coast. By seizing the businesses and the land owned by the Anatolian Greeks, the Turks could finally control trade, import Turks from the East to the West into existing homes and businesses, and fulfill their plan to infiltrate Europe proper. If this was not enough, you go on to mention that you were so impressed by Ataturk's transformation of the Hagia Sophia from a "sacred mosque into a secular museum." Excuse me, Ms. McDevitt-Rubin, but the Hagia Sophia was a Christian church designed and constructed by Greeks (Isidore & Anthimius) in the sixth century -- and more than 100 years before Islam even existed. The project was commissioned by Justinian I, known and admired by the world as one of the greatest Emperors of Byzantium, the Empire responsible for the majority of art and architecture in Turkey. It is THIS history that draws people to Turkey and not that of Ataturk. Hitler may have initiated brilliant architectural endeavors and social programs in Germany for those that met his warped "standards," but he would never be referred to as a "admirable leader." I suggest in the future, Ms. McDevitt-Rubin, that you actually read some history before you write another middling article about your travels. Visit this site: