Since Feb 4, 2010

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I’m a history teacher, who lives in the Tar Heel state. I spend my days teaching history at 9th graders who don’t want it. I’m a conservative guy, fiscally and socially. I’m an NRA member and a gun collector, and am often irritated working in a profession dominated by Marxist ideas. All the same, I like what I do, and feel like it could be improved rather than scrapped altogether, although the latter may have to happen before some things can be fixed.

Here’s a link for all you people who think teachers are just overpaid union thugs:

1. We don’t have labor unions for public employees here.
2. I work for my money- I have to put up with a lot of crap people in private industry don’t have to deal with, not of my own making either.
3. I work a lot in the part of the year I work in, which is most of it.
4. If you think what I do is easy, you should do it.