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Retired USN Chief Petty Officer with 24 years (1982-2006), 17 at sea:

8 years on the West Coast, 14 years in Japan, 2 years on the East Coast. Six of my seven ships were amphibs-FFG-37, LST-1198, LKA-116, LST-1189, LPD-8, LPD-10, LSD-50.

Navy Together We Served

Yokosuka Sailor-Home of the WESTPACer's

Married 20 years with 2 boys

"Set Condition One Alpha for beaching..." USS San Bernardino(LST-1189) a.k.a "The Last Real Gator" at Iwo Jima Feb 1995 in support of the 50th Anniversary Commemoration

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Of course this isn't me, but I did use a WWII-era Mk II sextant like this many times. By the time I retired these had all been replaced the Mk III. I liked the telescope on the Mk III much better.

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One day I was bored and decided to list all of the named bodies of water I have sailed on while I was in the Navy. Here's what I came up with. I'm no doubt missing a few.

Admiralty Inlet Adriatic Sea Alboran Sea Alenuihaha Channel Amasuka Nada Anaheim Bay Andaman Sea Ao Sattahip Arabian Gulf Arabian Sea Augusta Bay Bab el Mandeb Balearic Sea Ban Patthaya Banda Sea Bashi Channel Bay of Bengal Beagle Gulf Beaufort Inlet Beppu Wan Bismarck Sea Bogue Sound Bohol Sea Bohol Strait Bolivar Roads Bougainville Strait Boundary Pass Brisbane River Bungo Suido Camotes Sea Capricorn Channel Caribbean Sea Carr Inlet Cebu Harbor Celebes Sea Ceram Sea Charleston Harbor Cheju Strait Chesapeake Bay Chittagong Anchorage Civitavecchia Harbor Columbia River Commencement Bay Coral Sea Cross Sound Cuyo East Pass Dalco Channel Dili Harbor East China Sea East Lamma Passage East Passage Elliot Bay Flores Sea Formosa Strait Fremantle Harbour Gage Roads Galveston Channel Garapan Anchorage Gastineau Channel Genkai Nada Georgia Strait Glacier Bay Golden Gate Great Bitter Lake Great Channel Guantanamo Bay Gulf of Aden Gulf of Alaska Gulf of Aquba Gulf of Gonave Gulf of Kastela Gulf of Lion Gulf of Mexico Gulf of Oman Gulf of Santa Catalina Gulf of Suez Gulf of Thailand Gulf of the Farallones Hampton Roads Haro Straits Hoyo Kaikyo Hyuga Nada Icy Strait India Basin Indispensable Strait Inner Apra Harbor Ionian Sea Iron Bottom Sound Java Sea Johor Strait Jomard Entrance Kagoshima Ko Kagoshima Wan Kalohi Channel Karimata Strait Kauai Channel Kaulakahi Channel Kehin Ko Kin Wan Korea Strait Kuwait Bay Laccadive Sea Lei Yue Mun Lesser Bitter Lake Levantine Sea Leyte Gulf Libyan Sea Little Creek Little Creek Cove Lombok Strait Long Beach Channel Long Beach Middle Harbor Long Breach West Basin Los Angeles Main Channel Los Angeles West Basin Lumut Naval Basin Luzon Strait Lynn Canal Mackay Harbour Main Strait Makassar Strait Malacca Strait Malakal Harbor Manila Bay Manila Harbor Manjung River Masirah Anchorage Mayaguana Passage Mazatlan Harbor Mediterranean Sea Mina Jabal Ali Mina Salman Mindoro Strait Molucca Sea Molukka Passage Mombassa Harbour Mona Passage Morehead City Channel Moreton Bay Nagasaki Ko Naha Ko Nakagusuku Wan Nanoose Bay New Georgia Sound (The Slot) Nicholas Channel Nine Degree Channel Norfolk Harbor Entrance Channel North Atlantic Ocean North Indian Ocean North Inian Pass Northeast Pacific Ocean Northern Arabian Gulf Northwest Pacific Ocean Old Bahama Channel Ombai Strait Onslow Bay Osumi Kaikyo Outer Apra Harbor Outer Santa Barbara Passage Pailolo Channel Palm Passage Patong Bay Pearl Harbor Philippine Sea Phillip Channel Phuket Harbor Pinang Harbor Pohang-hang Port Darwin Port of Marseille Port Olongapo Port Said Port Suez Port-au-Prince Preparis North Channel Puget Sound Pusan-hang Red Sea River Passage Sagami Wan Saginaw Channel Saipan Harbor San Bernardino Strait San Diego Bay San Francisco Bay San Juan Bay San Nicholas Basin Santa Cruz Basin San Pedro Bay San Pedro Channel Santa Barbara Channel Santa Barbara Harbor Santa Cruz Channel Santa Monica Basin Sargasso Sea Saruga Wan Sasebo Wan Savu Sea Sea of Japan Selat Alor Selat Dinding Selat Gelasa Selat Manipa Sembawang Port Serangoon Harbour Shoalwater Bay Shuwaikh Port Sibutu Passage Sibuyan Sea Singapore Strait Sitdakaday Narrows Sitrah Anchorage Solomon Sea South China Sea South Indian Ocean South Pacific Ocean Split Channel Split Harbor Stephens Passage Strait of Bonifacio Strait of Gibraltar Strait of Hormuz Strait of Juan de Fuca Strait of Jubal Strait of Ortranto Strait of Tiran Straits of Florida Straits of Messina Subic Bay Suez Canal Sulu Sea Sunda Strait Surigao Strait Tablas Strait Tarr Inlet Tathong Channel Ten Degree Channel The Narrows Thimble Shoals Channel Ticao Pass Timor Sea Tokyo Wan Tsugaru Kaikyo Tsushima Strait Tyrrhenian Sea Uchiura Wan Uraga Suido Verde Island Passage Victoria Harbour (Hong Kong) Victoria Harbour (Seychelles) Visayan Sea Vitiaz Strait Wetar Strait Willamette River Windward Passage Yellow Sea Yokohama Ko Yokosuka Ko Yongil-man York River York River Entrance Channel

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