Since Jul 26, 2001

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Let me begin by stating that I have been a FReeper since November, 1998. Situations beyond my control (AKA "Admin Mods") necessitated my changing logons repeatedly during my first few years FReeping. Like Trump, I'm a slugger, and I tend to hit back ten times harder. This did not endear me to the constabulary here, nor should it have. Among my prior FR identities were "America's Conscience," "Henry David Perot," and my personal favorite, "Big Stank Ho." Jim has all the gory details--lol!

Politically active, religiously infallible, and capital "C" Conservative.

Strong opinions on many topics, much stronger opinions on everything else.

Not always right, though never been wrong. Prefer blunt honesty over verbal spinelessness or feigned humility.
Endlessly devoted to seeing human garbage like Biden, Levin, Durbin, Schumer, Obama, Reed and Pelosi crawl back under whatever
slimey rocks they emerged from without first asking my permission. BAD, Naughty scumbags!

Considering a run for U.N Secretary General in '21. Mums says I'd make a great, ineffectual, titular head of some
pointlessly passé organization which strives for abject mediocrity and accomplishes it with often spectacularly self-absorbed fanfare.

Well, she didn't really say so, but wouldn't it be cool if she did?!!!

Strong believer in President Trump, God's Chosen Hand On Earth as written in the 2011 "Trump Prophecy." Destined to be the single-greatest president in the history of The United States of America, a man I am fiercely proud to call "friend."

(P.S.) When I finally paint my masterpiece, I'm not showing anyone. N'yuk, n'yuk n'yuk!