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(“No one really knows this guy, he came out of nowhere.”)
mainstream media talking heads, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States -
“We must unite in collective action,
build collective institutions and organizations.”
Chicago Reader, December, 1995
“I chose my friends carefully…(including)
…the Marxist professors and structural feminists.”
Dreams from My Father, 1995, pg 100.
“...(I was) like a spy behind enemy lines.”
Speaking in Dreams of his brief post-graduation experience
as a wage-earner in capitalist corporate America, page 135.
“(The Constitution) is an imperfect document
…that reflects fundamental flaws that continue to this day.”
Chicago’s WBEZ-FM, Sept. 6, 2001
“We are the ones we have been waiting for.”
2008 campaign slogan, also the title of a 2006 book
by American leftist, Alice Walker with whom he had a close working relationship
“…the Earned Income Tax Credit provides… income through the tax code
…should be expanded…so more families can take advantage of it.”
2006 The Audacity of Hope, p.283
“The Ownership Society…won’t work,
it doesn’t even try to spread the risks and rewards…among all Americans
…it simply magnifies the uneven risks and rewards of today’s winner-take-all economy
…it runs counter to those values that say we have a stake in each other’s success.”
Audacity, pgs.279-282
“People of Berlin — people of the world — this is our moment. This is our time. ”
Speaking to European socialists during a (illegal) campaign fund raising
trip in a foreign country, July 24, 2008
“… I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”
Spoken to “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher regarding Obama tax plan, Ohio, October, 2008
“We gotta’ have a civilian national security force
just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded as (the military).”
Campaign speech, St. Paul, MN, 2008
“We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”
U of Missouri, October 30, 2008. Perhaps borrowed from R. Creamer,
the felon who wrote the blueprint for the current healthcare bill:
“If Barack Obama is elected president, then we have the opportunity
to fundamentally transform American politics
and the economy — progressives do – for the first time...…”
“Starting today, we must …begin again the work of remaking America.”
(not "rebuild" but "remake"), Inauguration Speech, 2009
“We no longer consider ourselves a Christian nation.”
Summarily discarding the time-honored belief that the U.S.
is a nation of Judeo-Christian values, Turkey, 2009
“I am not interested in victory.”
In re Iranian nuclear threat, G-20 news conference, September, 2009


       How might a non-violent socialist/communist takeover initially appear on the national stage?

       It could be right in front of us.

       The quotes above are from one who has been surrounded by socialists, Marxists, radical leftists and their supporters from his highchair days to now in the Oval Office - one who chooses to install their ilk and their programs in our current government.

       One who gives the nation the finger when, in the absence of any credible public evidence, he is asked whether he is Constitutionally eligible to serve as President.

       One actively supported by what used to be the main stream media and by almost all of the Democrat politicians serving in the Congress.

       To quote a radio program character: “Wake up America!”



The Obama Scam

       Scam? Most definitely, or if you prefer, a shell game, an attempt to deceive - often referred to as fraud.

       It is clear Obama had a duty to qualify for the office of the President pursuant to the 20th Amendment "...if the President elect shall have failed to qualify...". It is also clear Obama acknowledged such obligation when he or his agent certified at the state primary level that he was eligible for the office. When the issue was raised, however, Obama began what amounts to a shell game.

      Obama's attorney represented to the court in Hollister v Soetero that Obama had placed his Hawaiian birth certificate on various internet websites, although at the same moment Obama inconsistently continued to expend substantial effort and expense to avoid producing the birth certificate.

       Not surprisingly, but in line with this inconsistency, what his attorney represented to the court as a certificate was merely a Certification. Hawaii specifies Certifications are not conclusive evidence of citizenship. Moreover, the Certification placed on those websites was examined by experienced document examiners and found to be a fabrication.

       Even more troubling in this day of extensive government requirements that produce legendary paper trails - there is no credible evidence whatsoever in the public record that demonstrates Obama is even a U.S. citizen.

      The normal paper trail every other citizen leaves behind in the case of Obama has been sealed or is suspiciously missing, and he refuses to produce such paper.

      Whether or not Obama is qualified to hold office he has, in essence, told these United States to stuff it.


        Readers will recall the January 8, 2009 Joint Session of Congress was called pursuant to the 12th and 20th Amendments to the Constitution for the sole purpose of objecting to, or accepting, the votes presented by the Electoral College. The Session was intended to assure the correction of any irregularities that may have occurred during the election.

       The Congress, fully aware of the national outcry over the lack of any credible documents that indicated candidate Obama was even a mere citizen, raised no objection to the College's votes and the Session was concluded in less than 3 hours.

       Should the fact Congress overlooked its obligation pursuant to the Constitution, further described by statute at 3 USC 15, be considered a Constitutional defect? Was there a defect? Arguably so, the statute provides; "...the President of the Senate shall call for objections to (the "...certificates of the electoral votes"). The record is clear, no such call for objections was made.

       Congress does not have the authority to ignore its statutes. If it fails to comply with its statutory obligations, that failure does not raise solely a “political question” that is to be avoided by the judiciary branch. Rather such a failure raises a clear legal issue that is entirely within the jurisdiction of the judiciary.

       Congress alone had the authority to certify the results of the presidential election and declare that candidate Obama was the President. Likewise, Congress is the single body of our government that today has the Constitutional authority to reconsider and correct that action. Unfortunately, with the current political composition of Congress, it is unlikely any reconsideration will occur without a nudge from the U.S. Supreme Court.

       What are the most efficient means of getting this issue before the Court?

       The Armed Services, sworn to defend the Constitution, has the clear operational requirement of knowing its Commander in Chief is indeed qualified to issue lawful orders. Petitions by military commands may well reach the Court. Indeed, separate suits brought by retired Commander Charles Kerchner, Colonel Gregory Hollister and active duty Major Stefan Cook, to name just a few, are in progress.

       A claim by one or more members who are concerned Congress is proceeding on the basis of the Constitutional defect mentioned above may also reach the Court.

       There is presently no constitutional crisis - apart from the fact Congress ignored its own statute. However, if the Court agrees with any of the petitioners, and Congress fails to correct the defect, there will most certainly be a crisis.

       The petition set out below does not refer to "natural born" as requiring two U.S. citizen parents. This is because Congress, well populated with experienced lawyers and judges and with full knowledge that Obama's father was a Kenyan, made no mention of any such requirement during its January 8, 2009 Joint Session. Although it is clear the founders intended that the President (and the Vice President) be more than just a U.S. citizen, the precise Constitutional requirements of the natural born classification is apparently a matter of debate best left for judicial determination.

       Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress are quickly changing the basic value and character of our nation’s inheritance and culture. The suits brought by military personnel to address this fundamental issue may take longer than we wish. And besides, we should not ask our military to shoulder the entire burden and risk of challenging the mindset that occupies the Oval Office.

       Please send an unsigned copy to the Washington, D.C. office of your state's Republican U.S. Senator and Representatives and very succinctly ask them how many signatures they would require in order to a) read the petition into the record of their chamber and b) move that action be taken. (It will fit on one page with a 9pt font)

       (July 18, 2009 The general public is beginning to realize the gravity of the situation. Please send your letters prior to Congress leaving for its summer vacation - the House leaves on August 1 and the Senate on August 8.)

       Perhaps out of all of the Republicans serving in Congress, we will find one from each chamber willing to recognize and honor the requirements of the Constitution.



seeking the

WHEREAS, at the time of President Obama’s birth his father was not a United States citizen and his mother was a United States citizen under 19 years of age;

WHEREAS, the relevant statute in effect throughout 1961 would not allow United States citizenship at birth to an infant born abroad with such parentage;

WHEREAS, Article II of the United States Constitution requires the President to be a natural born citizen;

WHEREAS, pursuant to the statute and the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution, the location of President Obama’s birth is a critical element in the determination of whether he is a natural born citizen;

WHEREAS, President Obama recently represented in the case of Hollister v Soetero that he publicly provided to several internet websites a certified copy of his purported birth certificate which purportedly shows a birth in Hawaii;

WHEREAS, the document made public is a Certification of Live Birth (COLB) not a Birth Certificate; significantly, Hawaii emphasizes its COLB is not conclusive evidence of a birth in Hawaii;

WHEREAS, candidate Obama expended substantial effort and legal expense to defend multiple lawsuits, in an attempt to avoid providing the Certificate of Live Birth underlying the COLB;

WHEREAS, document examiners have identified several unmistakable defects and anomalies in the provided COLB, and conclude that it is a fabricated document, one that immediately violates state and federal felony statutes regarding fraudulent use of forged or altered identification documents;

WHEREAS, if the only assurance candidate Obama provided to state primary election officials that he was an eligible candidate was to sign state-provided certifications, under penalty of perjury, it is possible those officials were subsequently satisfied of the candidate’s eligibility by the COLB;

WHEREAS, Congress was put on notice by numerous voters and groups prior to the November 4, 2008 election of substantial concerns regarding candidate Obama’s Article II eligibility, it is possible members of Congress were satisfied of the candidate’s eligibility by the COLB;

WHEREAS, Congress convened on January 8, 2009 in a Joint Session solely for the purpose of receiving, verifying and tallying the votes of the Electoral College and accepting, or objecting to and where appropriate disqualifying those votes in accordance with 3 USC 15;

WHEREAS, Congress failed to call for objections to any Certificate of Vote presented by the Electoral College during the Joint Session in accordance with 3 USC 15;

WHEREAS, such a call would have provided an opportunity to address the issue of whether the President elect was eligible in accordance with Article II and would have been prerequisite to valid acceptance of any Certificate, nonetheless Congress accepted the votes of the Electoral College without such a call;

WHEREAS, in the face of this extraordinary controversy the citizens of the United States are entitled to know whether the President of the United States satisfies the natural born citizen requirement of Article II;

WHEREAS, the members of Congress are sworn to uphold the United States Constitution;

NOW THEREFORE, we the undersigned request that Congress establish a joint special committee to investigate the question of President Obama’s constitutional eligibility, which shall have the mandate to subpoena and examine forensically all documents bearing upon such question, including but not limited to his original certificate of birth,                               .


You will find this petition on GoPetitions at 1st AmendmentPetition