Since May 14, 1999

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Please learn about United Nations Agenda 21.

Agenda 21 is an international plan to control the people of all nations. In the USA, Agenda 21 is a rural land grab to make rural land off limits, and force Americans into cities.

This first video by Michael Shaw explains United Nations Agenda 21 in detail:

This second video by Rosa Koire explains how your local government is currently installing Agenda 21:

This video shows how hard it is to fight entrenched local politicians who are pushing for Agenda 21 and don’t know it or don’t care:

In 1968, the Club of Rome invented global environmental crisis as the fundamental boogeyman under which they could implement world governance under the umbrella of the New World Order.

In America the goal is to move Americans into cities, where they can control our movements, associations, energy use and consumption.

Agenda 21 can’t be implemented without a scary boogeyman to make it acceptable. This is why they need to propagate the global warming hoax. They need an imaginary environmental holocaust to make Americans surrender their individual rights and cooperate with them.

The scary boogeyman of Global warming, with its predictions of famines, fires, floods, and hurricanes, is the means to get the unquestioning, blind cooperation of Americans. If you are terrified of losing your quality of life to unlivable environmental conditions, then you can be made to surrender your freedom, live in a small apartment in the middle of the city, give up driving your polluting car, reduce what you eat and buy, and live in physical discomfort so as to save energy.

You will be made to endure all of these conditions in order to box you up and control you,unless the he Sheeple are terrorized by the boogeyman of man-made global warming. The Hoax is a prerequisite to the Soros’s United Nations take-over and control of Americans.