Since Jan 29, 2001

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I am the FraudFactor™.

I am the son of a survivor of pogroms (organized murder and torture of Jews including Jewish women and children) in former communist Russia. My mother's family escaped from Russia when she was a young girl, but only after watching their own government murder close relatives and after enduring imprisonment and torture.

I have a degree in mathematics and computer science from UCLA.
I have supported numerous efforts and campaigns to promote good government including protecting individual liberties and the principle of limited government. I served four years on the El Segundo City Council. You may have heard me as a guest on any of several talk radio shows, or one of my many talk radio calls, as the "FraudFactor™" or "Mike from El Segundo".

I am a strong supporter of the right to self defense and am an effective proponent of private firearm ownership and proficiency.

I started the FraudFactor™ website ( and defined the first FraudFactor™ fraud metric to document election fraud in the 2000 presidential election. This website has good material, and is continually updated. I produced a fairly comprehensive web page on gerrymandering and the need for redistricting reform at