Since Nov 9, 2000

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Hmmmmm let's see, a few words about me. Female late 30's. I'm a nurse. Practicing Catholic. Love travel, horses, bike ridding & my 2 dogs and bird. I'm a life long Republican (my parents raised me right-literally and figuritively-LOL).Cast my very first vote in an election for Ronald Reagan( I'm proud to say).

I really enjoy the politics and debating on Free Republic , but I'm not the best speller, (thanks so much to FR for the lovely new Spell Check feature, I would be lost without it.) Also, I am possibly, the world's slowest typist,( a gold fish could type faster than I can) So if you post something to me at around post #3 and I don't post back to you until post # 883 you will know why. (LOL).

I used to think of the Democratic party as a different political veiwpoint, and tried to respect their differing opinion. But now, I think of them as Socialist's out to destroy our Constitution. I have lost all respect for them. I could name a gazillion things that led me to completely despise the Democratic party, But I don't want to write a book here.

I absolutely love GW Bush. Since 9/11/01 I get down on my knees and thank God for him being our President every night. I think he can help us go a long way in restoring our country to being one Nation under God.(He and first lady Laura have been such examples of strength and courage in this dark time; God Bless them both.

We do live in scary times now. But I think there are alot of reasons to have hope for the future of our country. We are still good people. We still have good hearts. 9/11/01 proved it. Before that date I was starting to think that we had become the self-obsessed, mindless idiots that movies and television have tried to portray us as. I have no doubt that Osama and company are going to keep trying to hit us again, but , no matter what they do, we will get through it.

We need to keep Praying for our nation. We need to keep God in our Pledge of Allegience and on our money and most of all in our nation. There was some benefit that came from 9/11(in spite of the evil attacks)- We remembered who we were as a nation. We are good and kind people, who love freedom and beleive in GOD. Since then (9/11), we have set an oppressed/brutalized people free. Our military personnel have gone above and beyond the call of duty to show the Iraqi's that we are a benevolent people-God Bless our military people and America.

To finish this up; I love Rush Limbaugh too.(God Bless him as well, he has been so courageous in dealing with his drug addiction and deafness,and I think his show will be just fine.)

Most of all God Bless everyone who runs Free Republic, what a great and unique forum! I love people who tell it like it is.

Gee, this was ALOT more than a few words. Oh, and by the way-Did I mention that I might be just a tad..... opinionated ..that's a good quality for a Freeper though right?......LOL