Since Mar 17, 2006

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My name is flib because I am a FORMER liberal. I’m an army wife, a mom, and I used to teach history, but I now work for the Army in support of soldiers’ families.
I would like to share a story about the first day of our nation’s liberation of Iraq. We were stationed in Germany at the time and my husband had been gone for months in anticipation of his unit entering Iraq. We engaged the enemy in the middle of the night Germany time. The next day was my daughter’s birthday. I took the kids to the local Chinese restaurant we frequented as a family on special occasions. There was a wonderful waiter who usually served us. He was a friendly guy from Cambodia. When we arrived, he asked where my husband was. I just said,”he’s not here.” You could tell by his face he knew my husband was in the thick of it in Iraq. He was especially kind to the kids on this occasion giving the kids paper umbrellas to play with and cherries to snack on. As it happened, there was a table full of students from the local university. They were speaking German until they noticed we were speaking English. They then decided to speak English and turn the conversation to load proclamations about the “warmongers from America”. This was too cruel. My babies were terrified about their dad and these creeps were laughing and condemning his mission. Suddenly our waiter turned up at the table, tears in his eyes. “Don’t listen to them!” He shouted. “Those were the same people who made America leave Vietnam because they called for peace. There was no peace when America left. This is why my entire family is dead today. Don’t listen to them!” He then gave me a paper with his phone number. “ If you or your family need anything while your husband is gone, call me. I will help. Tell him thank you.”