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JANUARY 20, 2009. The day America died.


This is because I cling to those principles that I feel are essential to men living their lives free from oppression and coercion. I am intolerant of the slightest infringement on my freedom or self determination. I reject ideals that require the domination and subjection of men to a greater good. I am the greater good.

If I were a liberal, they'd call me "passionate". If I were a citizen of 1700's America, they'd call me a patriot. Now, they call me disenfranchised, angry, and a thousand other names, trying to shake my conviction and neuter me with self-doubt.

Call me what you will. I will continue to rely upon history to vindicate me as it always has. I will follow the example of many great men who have come before me, wiser than a hundred of the weak-willed cowards who now seek to marginalize me.

Perhaps the greatest praise I can earn is to be called an extremist. It is affirmation that I care about the principles I hold dear more than I care what anyone thinks. It is a sign that I am doing things right..

According to Politifact.com ( http://politifact.com/truth-o-meter/ ), these are some of the issues that Blowbama is promising to address in his administration:

1. "Require economic justification for tax cuts". Holy crap. Did I just hear that? Shouldn't this be the other way around? Isn't this a case of the government protecting itself against the best interests of the citizens? So, they can help themselves to the fruits of our labor for any old reason, but they refuse to practice self restraint unless SOMEONE can come up with a good reason? WTF? How about this economic justification...I EARNED IT AND YOU DIDN'T!

2. "Change federal rules so small businesses owned by people with disabilities can get preferential treatment for federal contracts." Wow. In other words, the democrats, who obviously fail to realize that Clinton's messing around with the subprime mortgage thing led us to the economic crisis we're currently in, still believe that free markets are a big sandbox in which to conduct social experiments.

3. "Fully fund debt cancellation for heavily indebted poor countries." More refusal to hold the irresponsible people responsible. Where will this money come from?

4. "Give a speech at a major Islamic forum in the first 100 days of his administration" Ugh. Wonder what the families of 911 think of this?

5. "Protect forest service lands from more roads". Translation: "Humans bad." Why protect land then make it inaccessible except by foot? What about the handicapped?

6. "Push for a college football playoff system". Democrats have ruined everything else. Why not let them have a crack at sports?

7. "Increase the minimum wage to $9.50 an hour" Wow. What with the current economic crisis, this should speed the devaluation of the dollar and finally kick us over the cliff of Carteresque inflation, further damaging the very poor that this law is supposed to help.

8. "Repeal law that limits gun-tracing by law enforcement" Ever notice how "reasonable" gun control efforts end up with law abiding citizens coming under scrutiny, or giving up more freedoms?

9. "Launch a Children's First Agenda - that provides care, learning and support to families with children from birth up to 5 years old." - Because it is unfair that parents have to shoulder the full burden and responsibility of their decision to have kids. That's what government is for!

10. "Create youth service corps" Obvious indoctrination. Hitler went after the youth as well...the hand that rocks the cradle...

11. "Require 25 percent renewable energy by 2025" I believe this is No. 3 on the "Ten Easy Steps to Wreck the Economy".

12. "Raise fuel economy standards" The easiest way to do this is always to lower safety standards by making lighter cars of weaker materials. That's exactly what has happened in the past, and what will happen in the future. When we're all forced to buy Aveos, there will still be Hummers out there on the road that will run over us.

13. "Work with UN on climate change". Working with the UN on ANYTHING is bad. Lending respectability to junk science is ESPECIALLY bad.

14. "Require utilities to reduce electricity demand". Repeat that in your mind and hear how dumb it sounds. That's like asking the owner of a lemonade stand to tell people not to drink lemonade.

15. "Require more energy-efficient appliances". Ovens that don't heat, washers that don't wash, dryers that don't dry, toilets that don't flush...my buddy who lived in Germany said that the Europeans have neutered their appliances in the name of saving energy...

16. "Require hybrid fleet at the White House" I'm actually not opposed to this, per se. I just wanna see what people say when it doesn't happen. Should be good for a laugh.

17. "Help states and localities address sprawl" Isn't "sprawl" just another word for "people living where they want"?

18. "Give Al Gore a key role on global warming" Al Gore should not have a role in anything, even if that anything is something entirely made up.

19. "Increase funding for the Environmental Protection Agency". Change the name to the more accurate, "Citizen Autonomy Prevention and Property Confiscation Agency" and you'll understand why I hate them. These are the same people who classified a concrete holding tank at the plant where my brother works as a "wetland" because it had two cattails and three ducks in it.

20. "Phase out incandescent light bulbs". Wow. Europe did it, so we should too! We can be just like that region that we seceded from years ago because we didn't want to be just like them!


Does the irony of it all overwhelm anyone else? Barack Blowbama is scared of my gun, but has no problems accepting campaign contributions from a known terrorist, and indeed, chaired a committee that this terrorist founded?

And, if anyone says the allegations of terrorism are overblown, realize that the Canadian government apparently didn't think so.


I could memorize it before you finish reading this.

Doesn't it seem like a good idea, if you actually ARE becoming the president, that you might spend a few moments brushing up on it?

He probably got tripped up over that part where he was supposed to swear to uphold the Constitution and all.


"Television pulls out the stops for President Bush's inaugural extravaganza. But has there been too much coverage of the pomp, the parties and the expensive wardrobes? "

A question never asked at Obama's inauguration...

"The press isn't supposed to treat these people as royalty."

Unless they're Democrats...

"They want to see the president and the first lady. The president and the first lady know that that's what the public wants and demands. They give it to them. We know that we're going to get the ratings and we're going to sell papers by doing it."

Wow. Journalism driven by ratings. Apparently, they wouldn't have covered the inauguration if it wasn't for ratings?

" I think this is an appropriate moment for very respectful coverage. But I think overall, I'd like to see a little less of that the rest of the time."

Well, they certainly kept their word...

"...we might be bending over backwards to show that we're being fair to the president."


"I think that it was probably inappropriate to have spent so much money on these balls, nine inaugural balls, this particular time, when we're in a war in Iraq and when we've had so many people dying in the tsunami, when they were trying to raise money for relief funds and all that."

Wow. Good thing there were much better circumstances for Obama's election. No, sir...no crises, economic or otherwise, to worry about...

"And certainly, the security, which is not being privately raised, was enormous, the most incredible security I've ever seen. Fifteen million dollars from Washington, D.C., that was earmarked for homeland security. So... ...The city was not happy about it. ...I think that it's sort of over the top when you have to do that kind of security, then finally, it becomes a different kind of event. And it just seems to me that we -- we could have gone back to the idea of having one inaugural ball with the president and his family, close friends, and the people who did the most for the campaign. Televise the whole thing and have everybody enjoy that. "

Yeah, where were you on January 20, 2009?

"This is about trying to reach out to people who the president doesn't necessarily ever hear or see, to try to learn something, to try to meet people who have different opinions and different points of view, to try to reach out to the opposition, to his adversaries...And you know, [he] picks people, surrounds himself by people who are rewarded for loyalty...I don't sense a great hunger for a diversity of opinion"

Hey...let's get back to that inauguration...


"But this is my third one, pretty much from this vantage point. I was actually on the platform for George Bush in 2000 and 2004. Now, while there's, you know, a sense of pageantry and the honoring of tradition of handing over power between the presidents, a peaceful transition of power, there was something different about this one, something incredibly different. "

Yeah. The difference is, this time you're reporting about the guy you voted for...

And in the same way that, when President Bush said good-bye to President Clinton, you know, there was a cloud that was hanging over the presidency because it was decided by the Supreme Court."

Quick! We're running out of time! Smear him once more before he gets on the helicopter!

"But this time, Barack Obama, a clear victory, a clear mandate from the American people, to take this country in a different direction. And you got that sense that there was a pivot. Every once in a while in American history there is a pivot point, and this was one of those points, Roland."

Clear mandate? Less than a quarter of the American population voted for him. How was that a mandate? Hell, that wasn't even a majority! 50 percent of the people, when faced with the choice of voting for McCain, Obama and no one, chose no one!

"You know, and also, it was the -- listening to his speech, there was a certain amount of conviction in his voice. A very short speech. But when he made that point about leading, and in essence, how we going to change in terms of our leadership, I sort of felt, "Ooh, that was a little touch, if you will, to the president sitting just over his shoulder."

Angry because he's cutting in on your action?

"A new leader in town, not a new sheriff in town...No, not a new sheriff. No, a new leader in town -- careful. I avoided the word "sheriff." A new leader in town who is going to govern in a different way than the leader who was in charge of this country for the past eight years. "

If you don't say his name, it's not bias...

"And you know, you saw that sense through the audience, as well, as the helicopter lifted off and climbed over the Capitol building, then headed down Pennsylvania Avenue, final fly over the White House, and then over the Potomac for a left-hand turn, and down to Andrews Air Force Base. People were waving at the helicopter...And it wasn't a salute...And they weren't saying 'good-bye.' They were saying, 'See ya.' "

If I hear the word "sense" one more time, I'll scream...

"And so, you know, a palpable sense in the crowd that one administration that they weren't really appreciative of was over, and a new one was coming in. "

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH! How can all of these reporters have ESP? I've been trying to read minds for years and I can't pick up sh**!!!!

SOURCE: CNN Transcripts.

Bush 2005: http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0501/23/rs.01.html

Blowbama 2009: http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0901/20/se.05.html

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A CONSERVATIVE AND A LIBERAL: Someone once told me that the difference between a conservative and a liberal was that a conservative's political philosophy was to preserve freedom, while a liberal's was to bring about equality.

Which do you feel is more attainable? Throughout history, those societies which have sought freedom, as many in the Western world, have accomplished the greatest human achievements throughout history, because the freedom to capitalize on your talents drives men to innovate and create. Even the mere recognition of achievement is enough to motivate many to do great things. Those societies, not by coincidence, also seem to be the most respectful of human rights.

Conversely, those societies who value equality have tried to bring it about through violence and persecution and a disregard for human rights. But, they do achieve their end results...those societies respect the rights of no one because the individual becomes the means to an end. "Equality" only creates a horrifyingly equal hell for all the subjects encumbered under such rule.