Since Jul 27, 2006

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Four generations of the men in our family have served in wars - World War I - Army Infantry, World War II - Air Force, and Army Infantry, North Korea, Vietman - Marine, and Iraq - our only child in the Louisiana 256th Brigade. All wonderful family men - the best of the best, and they all answered the call to duty without hesitation. Out of all the things that our grandfathers, dad, uncle and brother did for the rest of their lives, they have remained proudest of their service to our country. I know my son feels the same way. God bless our troops and their families! I am so grateful to all who have served and those who are serving now, putting their lives in danger each and every day to keep this country free. Hobbies are fishing offshore for red snapper, king mackerel, ling (also known as cobia and lemon fish). Right now my dream fish to catch is a wahoo.