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Since Jun 5, 2005

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Currently serving active duty in the military. Been posting/lurking on FR for a few years, and what I’ve come to learn is that too many times a lot of people here seem content following the herd and not really thinking for themselves. I can’t stand Obama but one thing that bothers me is that during the Bush years, liberals who bashed the president and called him nasty names were derided on here as being lunatics and inappropriate for bashing a president during a war. Now I see the same thing happening here, name calling and immaturity, attacking the person rather than just the policy. I thought FR was better than that, but then I remembered that all humans have the same nasty nature lurking within them, no matter what ideology they subscribe to. My own advice to anyone who’s actually bothered reading this far down is to be careful to avoid the very pitfalls of human nature that we condemn. I have been guilty of this hypocrisy many times myself, but we should all strive to be better than that. Partisan politics is a nasty thing and only poisons the conservative movement.

The hype about global warming is such a transparent attempt by the government to gain unnecessary power, and exploited by corporate advertising to make more profits, that it's hard to imagine why anyone who claims the title "liberal" would fall for such nonsense.