Since Mar 18, 2003

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"There is no tyranny on Earth that cannot be somehow justified by the words 'Public Safety'."

A few Photshops, by Me, FierceDraka (aka. EVILDAVE)

warprotest.jpg (31263 bytes)
Actually, my lovely girlfriend did this one

pelosi-sov.jpg (58202 bytes)
The "Honorable" Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-CA

franken02.jpg (35854 bytes)
The Crown Prince of Mass Murder confers with his acolyte, the captain of the failing left-wing readio network Err America

raid_can.jpg (8636 bytes)
Enough said...

uncle-sam.jpg (27652 bytes)
This one I'm proud of. It's the classic poster from WW2, updated for the 21st Century

hillary-antoinette.jpg (22707 bytes)
Her Highness, the Hildabeast

govdavis.jpg (11737 bytes)
Former Governor of California Grey-Out Davis sharing an intimate moment

vote01.jpg (36608 bytes)
This was for a contest on another forum.  But what's better than an American flag-wearing Juggie Girl?