Fester Chugabrew
Since Dec 26, 2000

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"It is right that men should have houses, right that they should have land, right that they should have laws to protect the land; but all these things are only machinery to make leisure for the labouring soul. The house is only a stage set up by stage carpenters for the acting of what Mr. W.B. Yeats has called "the drama of the home." All the most dramatic things happen at home, from being born to being dead. What a man thinks about these things is his life: and to substitute for them a bustle of electioneering and legislation is to wander about the screens and pulleys on the wrong side of pasteboard scenery; and never to act the play. And that play is always a miracle play; and the name of its hero is Everyman." -G.K. Chesterton

"The beauty of being a liberal is that history always begins this morning."
--Ann Coulter

"Until science has fully explained what are time, space, light, and energy,
I shall give only skeptical attention to its attempts in explaining what is history."


"If the left was as interested in national security as they are in Democrat Party security, we might just have a United States."
--Rush Limbaugh