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How Many degrees of seperation between us?


Some of the other family names mentioned in the story include: William Malichi Rodgers, Nathan Boddie, Obidiah Boddie, Jeannette Fulmer, Sara Salter, SeabornTemples, Emanuel Marion Black, Daniel R. Zemar, John Thompson, Stephen Laten Varnadoe, Vera (Varnadoe) Walker Bird, Tom Bennett, Robert Major, Will Walker, Lee Martin, J.C. Crabtree, Thomas Jefferson Forrest, Elizabeth O. Webb, Risby Myers, James Allen Dubose, John A Parrish, Sallie C. Newton, Talula L. Denny, Levi David Whittle, Marylouise Breedlove, Sarah Yonce, Carrie Gilleon, Alice Storey, Artemus Rodgers, Malichi Augustus Rodgers, Lettie Mae (Smith) Varnadoe.

There are a lot of other names mentioned but there’s so much begotten goin on back then it’s hard to keep track especially with all the war widows keepin the men busy after the War of Northern Agression. The 1800’s though the mid 1900’s was the time of the family farm also and rearing 15 offspring wasn’t that unussual.

Much of the story originates from Edgefield County which is now known as Saluda County, SC, most of the relatives resided throughout the south: North Carolina, Alabama, Florida and Georgia including Lumber City GA, Macon GA, Aiken SC and many other places. The History traces back as far as 1770.

This probably won’t amount to anything but who knows. I thought I’d see if there are any degrees of separation between other members of FR. I know many of us are Sons of the Confederacy and interested in ancestral history. Maybe we can link our families together or have family antidotes we’d like to share about friends and acquaintances. If anyone is interested please check the web page.

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