Fast Moving Angel
Since Sep 24, 2005

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Bless All Who Enter Here

Support our troops - we owe our freedom to them!

Rabid rightwing radical Reagan republican.

Proudly voted for Barry Goldwater for his last Senate term.

Internet junkie extraordinaire.

Mostly FR lurker because one learns more with open eyes and ears and a closed mouth.

Stuck on the left coast, missing the right. Not born in the south but getting there as fast as I can.

"A writer who steals the work of another is called a plagiarist.
One who takes from the works of many is called a researcher."
~ G. Edward Griffin

Next to the possession of knowledge is the ability to turn at will to where knowledge is to be found.


In memory of Hugo Duarte

Music by Hugo Duarte:

"Dixieland" (Rumble Link)

"The End of the Road" (Rumble Link)

"Hollywood" (Rumble Link)

"Legend" (Rumble Link)

"Ring the Bells" (Rumble Link)

Love Always

All this will come right in the end.
~Robert E. Lee, 1863

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