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Breaking down the stereotypes of soccer moms everyday

This is hugh and series.

The “traitors and terrorists” who fought the American Revolution did not have the goal of destroying the British Empire, beheading the king and imposing the Presbyterian religion on all of Europe.

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A Brief History of Eyespysomething, Or On How I Came To Be Who I Am Today, and Thank God I Did

I, before I was a soccer mom, did the unthinkable. I voted for, gulp, you know who in 1992. Hell, I was in college, I was only 24 (ha ha - only) and he seemed, well, cool, you know, he played the saxaphone on MTV.

Well, shortly thereafter, I began to actually take an interest in politics. In the mayor's race in the town I was living, one candidate wanted to do away with the bars downtown, and one didn't. I bartended, so I had a vested interest in the election.

The reason I got so worked up was college students weren't registering to vote, even though they were using and being used by the "system"! I mean they were giving the city money in the form of taxes on everything, which people don't think about (I don't pay taxes, oh yes you do). And here was a candidate who was talking about closing ALL THE BARS downtown. I started a voting drive, and that is when I met the future Mr. (The candidate who didn't want to close down the bars won) And the rest has led me to where I am today. I am a Christian, who was lost and found her way back to Jesus. I am a fully informed voter, a mom, the lover of my husband. I am happy and in a place in my life I never envisioned for myself. Oh, and I am a soccer mom!

If you hear God knocking, open the door. He'll knock and knock, but YOU have to open the door.

I think I always was a libertarian leaning republican, but didn't know it until I became aware of issues, and learned about them, and how they affected me, and then us (me and Mr.) and then our family.

It is very frustrating to hear people base an opinion on a sentence or soundbite or photo-op. It is also very frustrating to find people who vote solely on the (R) or (D) by a person's name. Especially state and local races, you HAVE TO KNOW YOUR CANDIDATES and what they want to do, where they stand etc.

I find FR very educational, and I have to leave it many times to go google things to make sure I have all sides of an issue. I trust the folks here, at least most of them, but want to verify facts. As Neal Boortz says, always verify before you believe.

We all have agendas, don't let yours blind you!

Freeper Quotables

"Relegalization (of drugs) would reduce the following effects of the War On Some Drugs: deaths of innocents in drug-turf wars; deaths of users due to impurities or unexpectedly high potencies; enrichment of criminals; corruption of the justice system by enriched criminals; and lessened respect for the law in general.
Not to mention upholding the principle that adults should be free to make their own non-rights-violating choices (even if the choices they make are stupid)."
MrLeRoy, 6-23-03

Here's an online source that rather than crossing out modified clauses instead provides a hyperlink to the relevant amendment.
The Constitution of the United States of America
4 posted on 07/13/2003 9:24 PM EDT by AntiGuv (™)

I'm under the impression that all terrorists are like wasps from the same nest. It is fruitless and pointless to try to figure out which wasp stung us and which wasp did not. Destroy the nest and every wasp you find in the nest.
98 posted on 08/19/2003 9:19 AM EDT by carton253

My pirate name is:
Dirty Jenny Flint
You're the pirate everyone else wants to throw in the ocean -- not to get rid of you, you understand; just to get rid of the smell. Like the rock flint, you're hard and sharp. But, also like flint, you're easily chipped, and sparky. Arr!
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The bookful blockhead, ignorantly read, With loads of learned lumber in his head.

There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life.

Military Rules for Non-Military Personnel

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