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Newly retired and moved to EAST Tennessee (Johnson City). Looking for like minded patriots to become friends with and start enjoying life.

Looking for hunting, fishing and competitive Shooting friends. I'm an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor with 30 years experience. Former US Army Infantry Captain. Cold War, no combat time. Politically active in Florida, maybe not so much in my retirement, but could do so with the right cause or candidate.

If you're in EAST Tennessee, please reach out. Jim

I was "ExSoldier" on this forum before 1999, but there were problems with log in and my computer and the technology of the site was quickly evolving, so for awhile I lurked and then thanks be very much to Jim Robinson and an upgraded computer, I again became ExSoldier.

I think my first logon here the very first time was somewhere around '96 or '97.

My father passed away in 1980. (see below) My beloved mother (my best friend, next to my wife) passed on to be with the Lord on OCT 27th 1998 at 11:17am. I was holding her hand. The night before, at her very nearly last lucid moment, she exhorted me to..."Have a GREAT LIFE....I DID" and I cried and told her that not only would I miss her very much until I saw her again, her leaving would leave a huge void in my soul which I would fill with God. That PLEASED her so much! Then in a few hours she was gone.

I spent the next five years, holding God accountable for making her leave me (despite the fact that she was 82 and it was just the perfect time....she would not have wanted to live in the post 9/11 world...sooooo gentle) and I took off and ran hard away from the Lord.

(UPDATE: 7 DEC 2003)Well....I just got pulled by Christ back into the fold. I went to Church today and rededicated my life and my soul to HIM. I feel as if I've been on a long and dangerous journey to distant lands and have just come home to the safety of my own hearth.


I have a B.A. in Criminal Justice and minors in Psychology and History. I have my Master's Degree in National Security Affairs since 2014 (With Honors 3.9 GPA) with a concentration in Homeland Security & Counterterrorism.

Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the US Army from the ROTC Program on June 6th 1980 (D-Day anniversary...very appropriate, I thought). Reached rank of captain, served in both Infantry and Armor branches from 1980-1994 both active duty and in the reserves. Victim of the Clinton RIF.

Army education: Infantry Officer Basic Course; Armor Officer Advanced Course; Jungle Operations School, Ft Sherman, Panama C.A.; Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare School. Scored EXPERT on the following weapons: M1911 .45 ACP, M16 Rifle; M203 Grenade Launcher; M2HB .50cal Machinegun. Scored Sharpshooter on the M60 LMG and the Dragon anti-tank system.

Unfortunately, the M240 SAW came after my time on active duty, but when I qualified on the M1 Tank, I got to live fire all of it's weapons.

My background and experiences lead me to believe that God put me on earth to teach and to be a SHEEPDOG and therefore:

I ONLY HANG WITH SHEEPDOGS Read this little essay and make a decision as to which category do you belong: Sheep or Sheepdog? Neither one brings shame or glory, only recognition of certain of life's facts.

I'm currently a RETIRED teacher in the public schools. I saw and fought the LIBERAL AGENDA in school curriculum every day.

I did this by teaching the differences between subject, issue and agenda. Then I showed all sides of all subjects....in doing so, every subject becomes an ISSUE.

Telling only ONE side of a SUBJECT creates an AGENDA.

You'd be surprised at the general reactions of students once they see how badly they have been conned by teachers, clergy and even parents their whole lives. I make them do the research and discuss the various agendas in all that we cover. I find that truth often (not always, but mostly) wins.

I'm a published author with a Writer's Guild of America signatory Hollywood Agent.

I was an NRA member by the time I was 18 months old, my dad having seen the results of gun control in mother Russia by the communists in 1917....I understood the connection of freedom to guns before I could walk. I had my first .22 rifle at age eight, the stock sawed off by one of his employees to accomodate my short stature, at the time. But I grew to almost 6 feet tall. He had so many medical problems, he couldn't even walk with me in the woods....much less hunt. But he was a true believer in the liberties presented to him by this country. I guess that is why I was a Republican from the first time I ever registered and my late mom was one of those deep southern Democrats that voted for Reagan AND Clinton.

(UPDATE April 2013: I resigned from the Republican Party as of 1 Jan 2013 after 37 years of loyal affiliation and donations because they have been so infested by the RINOs that they have become almost co-opted by the Democrats. So I am now a registered INDEPENDENT)

My roomies and I lived in a house we rented just off campus and hunting was how we fed ourselves. We each had $25 a week tax free to live on courtesy of Army ROTC and that was for BEER. All of us had night jobs to pay the rent. I worked as an armed security guard at a hospital and at various industrial sites. So my roomies taught the little city boy from Miami FL how to hunt and move in the woods. When I became an infantry lieutenant a few years later, it really stood me in good stead.

I have been an NRA certified Instructor for almost 31 years, now as well as an NRA Benefactor Life Member. I'm also an IDPA Certified Range Officer...and of course I'm a IDPA competitor every month.

When I met my wife, our "First Date" was to Church and our second date was to the Shooting Range and she knew if she wanted me my guns and my 2nd Amendment activism had to be part of the package. When we got married, I bought her a Beretta M84 .380 and a CCW Permit, here in Florida. She almost immediately decided the .380 was too inaccurate and almost demanded MY Colt Government Model be given to her. So I bought her a Colt Combat Commander, put tritium sights on it and it's been hers ever since.

Firmly convinced in the reality of the Global Conspiracy to create a New World Order.....and yes I'm the PROUD owner of a TINFOIL HAT with a little propeller that spins on top when I think about the Council on Foreign Relations.

My headstone will include the latin term: Deligentsia vis Celeritas (Accuracy, Power and Speed: the motto of the United States Practical Shooting Association). Along with the logo of the US Army.

Recommended Reading:

The Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin
(Story of the Federal Reserve and possibly the most informative and easily read book on the truth surrounding the coming NWO you will ever read.)

American Sniper by Chris Kyle

American Gun: The History of the United States Told In Ten Firearms by Chris Kyle

Global Tyranny: Step by Step by William F. Jasper

Shadows of Power by James Perloff

All three of the ENEMIES FOREIGN and DOMESTIC series by Matthew Bracken

A Travel Guide to Heaven by Anthony DeStefano

Shadow War by Richard Miniter This is the definitive guide to the real results of the war on terror. The unvarnished account. Miniter spares no punches on any administration. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

Fast Facts On False Teachings by Ron Carlson and Ed Decker

Invisible Government by Dan Smoot

Any "survival" book by Ragnar Benson

Survival Guns by Mel Tappan

BlackHawk Down by Mark Bowden

The Gargantuan Gunsite Gossip by Jeff Cooper

To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth by Jeff Cooper

A Country Made by War by Geoffrey Perret

The Brotherhood of War series and The Corps series by W.E.B. Griffin

Somalia on $5 a Day by my friend and former colleague, Martin Stanton

Remembered prisoners of a Forgotten War by Lewis H. Carlson

Killing Zone by Gary Stubblefield & Mark Monday

To Break A Tyrant's Chains by Duncan Long
This is a "How To" book on Guerilla War. Great "educational" read!

Bias by Bernard Goldberg

Arrogance by Bernard Goldberg

100 People Who Are Screwing Up America by Bernard Goldberg

Slander by Ann Coulter

How To Talk To A Liberal by Ann Coulter

Godless by Ann Coulter

Guilty by Ann Coulter

If Democrats Had Any BRAINS They'd Be Republicans by Ann Coulter

Guns Freedom and Terrorism by Wayne LaPierre

Hope of the Wicked by Ted Flynn (EXCELLENT READ!)

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam & The Crusades by Robert Spencer

History of Jihadby Robert Spencer (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

Schmoozing with Terrorists by Aaron Klein

America Alone by Mark Steyn

Everything by Tom Clancy...Especially Rainbow Six

The Fist of God by Frederick Forsythe

Patton: Ordeal and Triumph by Ladislas Fargo

War As I Knew It by George S. Patton (Battle memoirs)

The Book of Five Rings, a translation of the great book of strategy of Miyamoto Musashi by Stephen F Kaufman 10th Dan

Living the Martial Way by Forrest E. Morgan, MAJ USAF

Surgical Speed Shooting by Andy Stafford

One Second After, One Year After, The Last Day all by William R. Forstchen

The Day of Wrath by William R. Forstchen (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

States I have visited:
visited 33 states (66%)
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A tribute to my Father in Law, a WWII member of VMF214 so called "The Black Sheep"

My father in law, was one of them. But that can't be proven, sadly. His records are sealed by one William Casey.

He is publicly credited with the Navy Cross, Silver Star, DFC and 41 awards of the air medal -- 18 air to air kills. A triple ace! These awards and I think his service record is verified on military.com, however. He also knew Joe Foss personally. But the circumstances of his citations are sealed apparently for activities he undertook AFTER the war. I think the fact that he got a S.C.E (a higher level than PH.D because there are no "Humanities," only pure math and science) in nuclear physics had something to do with that. And the fact that he knew Oppenheimer and Teller personally.

I have a pic of him standing on the wing of a plane with Boyington and a few others. Something I also found rather interesting was that years ago he went to visit the family ancestral home in England and he just casually dropped in to see Stephen Hawking without an appointment. Hawking saw him and they apparently spoke for quite awhile. But that's been about 10 or more years now. He always had a very low opinion of Hawking mostly, I gather, because Hawking was such a vocal proponent of the NEW WORLD ORDER and a total submission to the UN for all mankind. That made pop spitting mad! Recently I spied the award plaque he got with his Navy Cross and it mentioned he was on patrol with VMF 214(?) "Blacksheep Squadron" and he jumped 40 zero's all by himself, dropping eight in the first ten minutes until the rest of the squadron arrived to finish the job. You know, he gently took that award from my hands and reverently put it away. He said he doesn't like to think about that stuff now. That is the mark of a true warrior and a true hero. The real thing never brags. I'm so proud of him I could bust. There will be no more like him and his brethren to rescue this country from the next scourge of mankind.

NOTE: POP suddenly passed away in JAN 2010. A USMC Honor Guard led by a major and a PLATOON of marines laid him to rest. The USMC tried to arrange an FA18 flyover, but it was too short notice. We miss him.

We still have our heroes and they are proving it day by day in hellish places all over the world. I love them and respect them all. But the generation that saved us from Hitler won't be seen ever again. The gems who wear the uniform of the American military have to be carefully selected one by one. Eagles don't flock and the vast majority of the last two generations doesn't give a flip for service to the country. Most of my peers in the 80's through mid 90's thought I was 100% crazy for not only serving on active duty, but for voluntarily staying in the reserves after my committment expired! What it all boils down to is the everlasting truth that has always been present since the beginning of time: We are ALL in the hands of the God of the Universe and your place in eternity is measured by your relationship with Jesus Christ. RAPTURE READY?

The Defender’s Creed
by John Farnam

I accept and understand that human predators exist. Criminal or terrorist, they take advantage of our civilized society to prey upon the weak. They represent evil and must be confronted and defeated.

I believe that self-defense is a moral imperative, and that illegitimate force and illegal violence must be met with righteous indignation and superior violence.

I will not rely on others for the security of myself, my family and my community.

I proudly proclaim that I run with a like-minded pack. I do not amble through life with the mind numbed herd.


I will train with my chosen weapons, maintain them and carry them in a condition of readiness at all times.

I will be mentally prepared and physically equipped to effectively respond to an attack or emergency.

I will constantly test myself against realistic standards to discover my strengths and weaknesses. I will turn weakness into strength.

I will seek to learn new skills and techniques, and then teach what I have learned to other members of the pack.

Be it with firearm or blade, empty hand or blunt object, I will hit my enemies hard, fast and true.

I will live a quiet and unobtrusive life, but I will develop and retain the capacity for swift and decisive violence.

I recognize that I am the modern equivalent of the traditional Minuteman, and that I may be called to service at any time against heavily armed enemies. I will respond effectively.

I accept that I am a pariah among some of my countrymen, and a quaint anachronism to others. I will not hold their ignorance against them.

I will win, or die trying.

I swear this creed before God, my family and my fellow citizens.

“Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.
Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”

“Somewhere a True Believer is training to kill you. He is training with minimum food or water, in austere conditions, day and night. The only thing clean on him is his weapon. He doesn’t worry about what workout to do---his rucksack weighs what it weighs, and he runs until the enemy stops chasing him.

The True Believer doesn’t care “how hard it is”; he knows he either wins or he dies. He doesn’t go home at 1700; he is home. He knows only the Cause. Now, who wants to quit?”

Eleven Rules
1. Practice your skill at arms diligently and with proper intent seeking excellence in all endeavors.
2. Always be prepared to do battle for the cause of freedom, justice, and all that is good.
3. Never be silent among the voices of falsehood no matter the number, for truth shall be your shield against harm.
4. Be willing to endure hardship, pain, or even death to protect women, children and the defenseless against harm.
5. Always act in a noble and chivalrous manner, worthy of respect and honor.
6. Always keep your weapons safe, clean and at the ready should they be needed.
7. Never use force of arms or force of will for any unjust purpose.
8. Obey the laws of the land if they be not contrary to the higher laws of morals, ethics, and truth.
9. Thou shalt be everywhere and always, the champion of the right and good against injustice and evil, being always mindful to temper justice with mercy.
10. Thou shalt never recoil before thine enemy.
11. Never abandon a friend, ally, fellow member of the order or a noble cause and remain loyal to one’s friends, family, and those who lay their trust in thee.

The Warrior

“Since time immemorial, warriors have always held a revered, honored and respected place in society. In spite of all political meanderings and the ebb and flow of societal values, this has never changed and it never will. There is an honor and pride in joining this brotherhood that can be gained nowhere else, and once joined can never be taken away. Although women are not excluded, it has always been the man’s role to be the protector and provider. This is your responsibility and your role to uphold and honor in your time upon this earth.” “The responsibility of a warrior does not merely necessitate the taking up of arms against an enemy. It is more, much more and it is such that you become an example, a role model of ethical and moral behavior to all others who may look to you for guidance or protection. If this is the path in life that you have chosen to walk then know that it is a path well worn by the footsteps of those who have walked here before you. Others, who have willingly said; I will endure the hardship, the pain, the sacrifice and the risk of death so that those who sleep soundly in their beds can do so in the warm embrace of safety and peace.”

“If this is your choice then know that your road will be fraught with adversity and you will be assailed by many, but in those times, remember that you are in the company of the noble souls who have also faced such adversity and prevailed. And know also that your legacy shall be that until the end of time, as the last sun sets upon this earth, in that blackest night, somewhere a warrior still stands his lonely watch.”

America needs warriors today! We need men and women that will stand in the gap and say, “Enough! Not on my watch!” This generation must stand firm behind these principles and never faltering, take America back!

The poem below is by Russ Vaughn (paratrooper, 101st Airborne Division)...

Most humans truly are like SHEEP
Wanting nothing more than PEACE to keep
To graze, grow fat and raise their young,
Sweet taste of clover on their tongue.
Their lives serene upon life’s farm,
On verdant meadows, they forage free
With naught to fear with naught to flee.
They pay their sheepdogs little heed For there is no threat; there is no need.
Roaming watchful round the peripheries.
These fang-toothed creatures bark, they roar
With the fetid reek of the carnivore,
TOO LIKE THE WOLF OF LEGENDS TOLD, To be amongst our docile fold.
WHO NEEDS SHEEPDOGS? What good are they? They have no use, not in this day.
Lock them away out of our sight WE HAVE NO NEED OF THEIR FIERCE MIGHT.
But sudden in their midst A BEAST
Has come to kill, has come to feast
THE WOLVES ATTACK; they give no warning
Upon that calm September morning
They slash and kill with frenzied glee
Their passive helpless enemy
Far roaming from their Eastern lair.
Then from the carnage, from the rout,
Comes the cry, “TURN THE SHEEPDOGS OUT!”
Thus is our nature but too our plight
To keep our dogs on leashes tight
And live a life of illusive bliss
Hearing not the beast, his howl, his hiss.
Until he has us by the throat,
We pay no heed we take no note.
Not until he strikes us at our core
Will we unleash the Dogs of War.
Only having felt the wolf pack’s wrath
Do we loose the Sheepdogs on it’s path.