Since Mar 25, 2001

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Married father of three. Good lookin', straight-shooting wife (verbally and with a firearm). The kids are also tough, smart and good shots. We hunt, fish and hike the woods and hills of SW MO when we are not in school or at work.

I'm ex-Navy (12 years), loved the job but don't miss the politics at all. The best tour I had was with EOD as support staff. Favorite weapon: the 25mm Mk 38 chain gun I got to point at Ahmed the Awful for endless days in the Persian Gulf back in 87/88.

Here is a Facebook page in opposition to naming a United States Navy ship after Jack Murtha. I cannot imagine my Navy with a ship named after that insufferable douchebag. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=117078198322280&ref=ts