Since Jul 16, 1998

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67 (gads!) year old female. Was a pediatric nurse, happily married to an unretired lawyer, have 4 kids who make me proud and 6 g'children. (My kids finally decided to reproduce!)

I can't think of life without Free Republic (thank you JimRob.) I have always been a conservative and survived on right-wing talk radio before my fix from FR.com.

When I'm not here, I am indulging my other passion which is anything and everything Chinese. I study the language, teach the cooking, am immersed in the history, the music, the poetry and on and on. My trips there haven't been satiated---yet. I would love to try 'courier' travel, to China, but it would take me away from Freeping. What's a gal to do??

There! My life is now an open book!

Update - I'm older, have more grandchildren, and am still addicted to FR. Thank you, JimRob. You might have a good thing going here! LOL!
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