Since Dec 24, 2008

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Been a ‘lurker’, a ‘member’ or an ‘unperson’ for about ten years now. Just returned [12/24/08] after a brief ‘hiatus’. I’ll add and remove things here as the spirit moves me, but for now...

I was a medic in the US Army [hence my screen name]. I spent the coldest winter of my life at a place called 'Camp Colbern' in the Republic of Korea [1975-1976] as a member of the 3/81st Field Artillery unit. If you served with the unit, check out the link - we may have froze together or you might find someone you remember.

3rd Batallion 81st Field Artillery page at Military.com.
On July 09, 2008, I fled from the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts to Texas. I moved to Texas because it seems like Texas is the last place in the country where the inhabitants still have any sense.

Robert Mitchum on YouTube commenting on the Vietnam War.
Just as applicable today.

Pet Peeves:

1. The US education system (k-16 and beyond).
2. Massachusetts.
3. Sanctuary cities.

I can't believe that it's coming up on four years that I have been back posting on FR and haven't got sent to the etherword.

10/13/14-Now a resident of Cuba; I mean Miami FL.. What a s**thole. I won't be here too long, God willing. As soon as I am able I'm bailing.

2-6-2015-Lots has happened since I left Miami. Wound up in NC.

12 July 2017: Heading back to the great state of Texas. Can't stand the lib here in NC.