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Ask not what your country can do for you
but what you can do for yourself

R(h)ino Hunting
Unknown FReeper stands beside recently bagged R(h)INO
When Republicans run right, they win.
When they run scared, they lose.

From: The Wisdom of evilCTM

People ask me if I am really "evil".
Of course not, but, "niceC" just doesn't sound the same, does it?

I don't have a picture of myself to display, however here is a picture of my brother. He is the smarter one and went to Med School.
brother of evilC, he is a doctor

Proposed new FreeRepublic posting options:
[ Reply | Retract Post | Nuke Disrupter | Post "member since" Message ]
After I entered these proposed options FreeRepublic added something more powerful than mere nuking ..... The ZOT

About me
Name:     evilCTM
Number:  35011
Age:         member since June 21st, 2000
Interests: Browsing FreeRepublic.
Hobbies:  FReeping.
Work:      Posting or bumping FreeRepublic articles.
Saying:     FreeRepublic, I can quit anytime!

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My favorite >:)

Bear in mind that these addresses will still show up in their (proxy server) logs. In other words you may end up being busted!

Also see the following FReeper threads:
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Access to FreeRepublic blocked by Raytheon proxy "filter"

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