Since Mar 7, 2008

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October 31, 2013, my wife was diagnosed with cancer. It became terminal.

July 15,2014, I got a call at work. It was my daughter... her voice crackled, holding back tears, "come home now".
I knew exactly what that call was. God was ready for my Angel.
I dropped the phone, left my computers on and ran out the door. What is usually a 40 minute drive turned into a 25 minute dash. I never even looked at the road... the whole time I was looking at the sky praying, crying, "dear Lord please take my Angel with you, please reach down and take my Angel" over and over I prayed those words all the way home...

Widowed male 80s kid born in 1969.The good Lord gave me his favorite angel on july,2 2000.
He liked her so much that he took his favorite angel back home July,15 2014.
I'll see ya later, honey.

********NOTE TO ALL FREEPERS*******

If there is someone in your life that you love, go to them as soon as you get a chance and hug them as hard as you can.
Doesn't matter if you're not getting along at the moment... put aside the bullshit and go grab them and hug them as hard as you can.
I can assure you there will be a day when you will not be able to do that.

"I will not have my rights violated because of the actions of a few insane lunatics"
Sounds like a pro-gun line, right?
That was the LIBERAL line when the Patriot Act was first introduced.



Al Bundy, after an election that did not go as he planned......

AL: No, we can't quit.

MAN: Are you saying we should try again next year?

AL: No! To tell you the truth, I'm never voting again. Like marriage, no matter who you choose it turns out bad. Unless you're rich. They get everything they want - well, fine! Let them have their endangered birds and their cleand air and their - even their Presidents. We cared about beer. And they took it away from us. [people start to gather around Al] Yeah, sure, what do they care if a man who sells shoes or fixes cars or totes that barge or spears that doodie in the park has to use his whole pay check to buy one beer... what do they care? They're at their outdoor restaurants eating their little pizzas and drinking some fine wine in the No Smoking section with their sexy skinny second wives. But we're breeding with peasant stock! [to the offended Peggy] No offence, Peggy. One thing I know: we're never going to win through the system. Voting has never been the American way. We didn't get away from that pansy country England by voting! We did it by throwing their stinkin' tea in our American habor! [the crowd cheers] And why? Because Americans don't like tea. We like coffee. And Americans don't like wine. We like beer! Ice cold... Ice-cold-best- in-a-bottle-but-fine-anyway-you-can-get-it-belching-burping-wake-up-in-a-pool-of-it beer. So let's show 'em how a beer man votes. Let's get blitzed and take it to the streets. Let's strike a blow anywhere they dine al fresco. Anywhere they eat brie cheese. And anywhere they wear their pants up high around their waist in the [with disgust] European way. [the crowd nods in agreement] The only thing that Americans understand is mindless Tom 'n' Jerry cartoon-like violence! So let's go kick some elite butt. Give me beer, or give me death! Or both.

The crowd cheers eagerly and sets off.


The Bundys are watching the riot on TV. A Frenchman (and his poodle) is seen being chased by some Americans. A frantic Marcy is seen being chased also. Muffy comes into view to give a report.

MUFFY: And in the biggest election related story, people are being urged to eat at home or at a rib joint. Whatever you do, stay away from any restaurant that starts with "Chez". Frenchmen, as if they had to be told, should stay at home. [A workingman joins the anchorwoman] An angry mob lead by a balding madman screaming, "I sell shoes, damnit, and I'm stinking drunk!" has run amok, and they've turned the streets white with foam. The two percent beer tax that was overwhelmingly voted in is being reconsidered in a special midnight session of a cowering city council.

The Bundys, now on their couch, were watching the broadcast.

AL: Heh heh heh. Well... it looks like the little man finally might've won one. You know, it's amazing. I feel more like an American now than ever before. By the way, does anyone know who was elected President? [Peggy, Bud and Kelly all shake their heads] Ah, what's the difference. [to the camera] But whoever you are... read my lips: [slowly] Don't tax beer.

Al puts his arms around his family and they smile.