Since Nov 16, 2003

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I'm a married 30 something white alpha male who enjoys most everything.

Been a lurker for a while and learned from all of you. Great information on corruption of the Clintons, Global Crossing, NWO elitist bastards, and CIA drug pushers...unfortunately the list goes on. Hope to contribute by adding some wisdom on the destructive uses within modern society for our inevitable modern serfdom. I would like to help enrage the masses by revealing the obvious: those in power would like to continue to stay in power at any means! The fight is on many fronts: Public education, political correctness and revisionist history. Exporting US wealth and economically leveling the playing field. Growing authoritarian surveillance programs.
I'm not a kook and don't espouse too many unrealistic or at least unverifiable conspiracy claims. There is too much in plain view to be up in arms about. Setting the record straight legitimizes the cause for honesty, justice and freedom.

My most recent tagline: "To enter my lane you must use your turn signal!"