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Welcome to the USSA (United SOCIALIST States of ACORN)

E Fraudulus Unum


The Marx Brothers... CastrO HugO and O

Puttin the HOOD in Muslim Brotherhood

The Democrat Party George Soros Has Won.
I Dedicate My Gallery To George And Thank Him For The Billions He Has Spent To Provide Me With Fresh Material For The Next 2 Years!

Coming To A Country Near You

Daddy Peacebucks Calls Her Shots

Presidents Day



Your End-Of-Life Counselor Marxism - The Wicked Queen's Gift to You

The Wizards of Oz

Messages From The Street-Thug-In-Chief:

(What You Get When You Drag $750 Million Through A Southside Ghetto)

To Clinton:

To McCain:

To the Imperial Spouse:

To the Republican Retreat:

(He HOPES Government Will Run Your Life!!) Obama for EU President (He HOPES Government Will Run Your Life!!)

Preach the HATE and Pass the PLATE

The Hope & Change Hit List:

You're next on Obama's Hope & Change Hit List

Just a Heartbeat Away From Being President:

Joe Put the HAIR in Hairbrain


The candle's lit but Joe's not home.

Totalitarians Without Term Limits:

When Harry Met Nanzi:


In A Hand Basket !!

The Imperial Spouse:

Aunt Esther on Steroids

Exercising the Right to Bare Arms:

No Totalitarianism For Oil.

"Dhimmi" Jimmy Carter:

(Peanuts For Brains)

Featuring B. Hussein Obama's Stimulus Stooges:

B. Hussein's Stimulus Stooges

Introducing the Cap-and-Traitors:

The New Jersey Exhibit:

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And Then There's 2016:

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