Emmett McCarthy
Since Oct 7, 2004

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I’ve been around Free Republic for a few years and very much enjoy the free exchange of ideas, even if some are a little “out there”. I’ve met some very good folks here.

I’m less politically-oriented than when I first came around, though. A heart attack last year, stressful ex-wives, business problems have all combined to make me step back for the sake of my health. Still just as conservative, but not willing to debate quite the way I used to.

I am moving back more into the songwriting thing I walked away from 20 years ago and that gives me an outlet for both the flow of ideas as well as new venues to share them. I often post links to my MySpace site where some of what I’m doing is posted. That's http://www.myspacecom/emmettgrayson or also at http://emmettgrayson.avenuehifi.com