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Nov 2006 (when I wrote this). Finally edited it on Jul / 2009 - LOL

Who I am? :) I will tell you:

I am over 50 yrs old.

I became a Rep, basically, out of disgust for Carter. I started out liking him and worse yet, disliking Reagan... and somehow during Carter's presidency I began to change. Two things mainly: I finally got disgusted with Carter's weakness (his wimpiness) and just lack of B***s. Secondly, Social issues have always been important to me and at the time the Democratic party was already showing they were leaning further and further to the Left.

On the RCC (Roman Catholic Church): Although I am not a 'religious' person per se, I always respected the RCC. I always saw myself as not virtuous enough to be an active member (abstained from confession and communion, although I did attend mass for long periods during certain periods of my life so I was never completely detached from the church). I did hope that someday... perhaps at the end of my life, I would be good enough to integrate myself fully to the church "to come back home" so to speak, but when I was almost ready to do it, I find that the RCC had become a cadre of perverts themselves... Yes, of course, not everyone... BUT many looked the other way and let it happened. Worse yet, I'm convinced the big guys in Rome knew all along what was going on here in the U.S. After all the "rumors" started way back in the 80s and they were already all over the news. So unless they are idiots - and trust me they are not, quite the opposite - THEY KNEW and ignored the child abuses hoping they would go away somehow ... And this in my eyes is just as bad or even WORSE than the abuses themselves... And for that alone, I will not forgive them easily before I see a real act of contrition by the RCC at large. Just like they thought me when I was a young kid, that even for a simple confession, one must REPENT sincerely from the heart, with the deepest conviction that you will not commit the sin again.... at least that is the intent... you must come clean, so to speak, before you even ask for forgiveness. That is the SAME kind of fervor and repentance I want to see from the RCC or a close version of it, before we " just go on" with business as usual. And by this I mean actions more than just words. Oh yes, I have heard the "words," but their actions... or rather the lack of actions, their SILENCE on our war for our culture makes me wonder what direction will the RCC take in the future. It makes wonder if they are about to go further to the Left with more 'changes' and more 'liberalism.'

My MAIN goal here in FR: I don't come here to argue or to convince anyone whose views are very different from mine... almost always a waste of time in my experience. One thing I have learned through the years, is that by a certain age, it's almost impossible to change people's views. Views that have been formed / molded through many years and experiences, all valid, for that particular individual. The main reason I participate in FR, is to reinforce the views of many people out there who might think and feel like me on many issues, but would never dare to actively participate here; they should know they are not alone. They should see all points of view within the non-liberal thinking this forum is about. Let me give you an example, in retrospect, I see that it was a blessing that Bush the father lost. I never liked him much... but those were different days. Today, I feel, through forums like this, we can say something that actually may make a difference. We have a voice.

(this is a work in progress below this line.)

On the Homosexual Agenda My MAIN disagreement with the homosexual life style, regardless of my personal feelings... is not even "what they do in their privacy " Privacy being the KEY word here, then we would all be a happy family! :) But it is the fact that homos do NOT WANT PRIVACY in the least!... If anything they want to make their lifestyle very public, in our face so to speak... And even worse, the unforgivable, to keep PROMOTING / PUSHING / FORCING? their life style to attract our young people (You heard all the stories: In the public schools.. Penalizing the Boys Scouts for not accepting homos as "leaders"... The scandals in the Catholic Church etc, etc, etc).

It's not a secret what homosexuals want to do now - homosexuals feel they should have the same rights as a man a woman in marriage. (i.e. Marriage ceremony, children, same guarantees and benefits and so on and so forth, we know that, right?

The problem is that we on the opposite side of the argument do not agree with the homosexuals on that AT ALL. Homosexuals do NOT have (or should not have and will never have if we can help it) the same rights as a heterosexual couple, (for all the reasons we all know by now). So, That is essentially what all these, apparently "disconnected" scrimmages, like the one with Wal-Mart now (Nov/2006) are all about. What Wal-Mart was doing (they just changed their policy) was attacking the very essence of the entire argument/fight: "treating homosexuals like heterosexuals " is not acceptable to our side... Because to equate homosexuals with heterosexual couples, it is in fact an attempt TO PROMOTE Homosexuals and therefore their behavior, (by giving the FALSE impression they are the same thing and therefore deserve the exact same treatment).

Besides if we wanted to be nice and let this one go, we know, homosexuals would NOT STOP there!... see? We know where homos are going with all this little fights... and NOW THAT WE KNOW... we will fight them every step of the way. Every attempt on anyone in any area (business, government, religion, etc), to equate homos with non-homos, it is in fact an attempt TO PROMOTE Homosexuals or Homosexual behavior essentially. And since battles like this one are won inch-by-inch, we have to fight them inch-by-inch. So it's really that simple!

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