Since Oct 15, 2004

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Traitors are bad but Republican Traitors are the WORST!

Rudy Giuliani is my enemy becuase he was sent by Planned Parenthood to destroy the most powerful Pro-life group in this country, the Republican Party.

Ron Paul is my enemy becuase he sides with the enemies of the United States.
He also believes I am to serve the Constitution when in fact it was created to serve me.

Mike Huckabee
BLITZER: "So can I just put a finishing touch? Amnesty for the children of illegal immigrants would be OK?"

GOV. HUCKABEE: "It is not amnesty."

BLITZER: "But you said they could apply for citizenship?"

GOV. HUCKABEE: "Well, here's the thing. It is not an amnesty because the child didn't commit a crime, the child didn't -- when he is 5 years old and comes here in the back of his parents' vehicle, did he commit the crime? That would be the point to be made."