Since Jul 9, 2004

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The Declaration of Independence is codified law of the United States of America.

No ifs, no ands, no buts. Period.

To deny this is to willfully surrender your own personal dominion & birthright, thus becoming pliant State chattel.

The fundamental concept of one meekly, dutifully abdicating to the Leviathan of State, one's absolute right of separation from said State, is wholly reviled & the absolute antithesis for the Constitutionalist of Original Intent.

Remarkably, the Constitutionalist is now considered a mortal threat by the DHS due to his proper & unwavering reservation for the foundational precepts of God's Natural Law.

These timeless rights were guaranteed long before the Heavenly-inspired inscribing of the Founding Documents & thus have existed from the very moment God decided to bequeath them to all mankind.

These rights have no shelf-life nor any factual redress from the contrived result of a simple majority foolishly clinging to the "light and transient cause" of perverted societal change, being hypnotically swayed only by the simple solicitation of esoterically twisted logic.

Found cradled in the supreme prose of the Declaration of Independence, is the inherit, God-given rights of all Men to justly throw off & smash the harsh yoke of a tyrannical State; a State which is now clearly in breach of the civil contract it swore to uphold & is duty-bound to jealously protect.

At it's very core, there is a paramount Failure of State. The scope of failure is undeniable, unsustainable & alas, nearly unsalvageable.

This Government has become openly 'destructive' to the proper ends of wise determination.

The Body of State has clearly forfeited the unalienable consent of the governed & recklessly abdicated the temporal privilege of obedient & serviceable governance.

Those readers of a 'litigious' nature, should pay heed to the overwhelming impact contained within the Declaration's cataclysmic opening words.

Since God's initial Earthly Paradise was lost by Adam's vain ignorance, every common Man's unique individuality has been cursed at the hands of countless despots.

Then, for the 1st time in human history, The Declaration of Independence successfully rescinded this natural state of Man's wanton wickedness over his fellow Man. Thus, over the next 200 short years, the Declaration & the Constitution have been definitively proven to be as close as possible to God's absolute truth for the proper governance of this most imperfect creature.

The Declaration's non-negotiable recognition of where rights are truly derived, is why secularists, statists & tyrants in general, regularly play-down & even outright ignore the Declaration as a non-binding or antiquated document of minor import.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

Historically speaking, the Declaration is young, yet it's age is inconsequential. The truths revealed therein are nearly eternal. The words were written to withstand the onslaught of sand.

Following the opening statements when the Founder's rapidly commandeer their true Liberty, the list of incisive indictments of the State's abuses & usurpation's are carefully recorded & bare obvious witness to the entire oppressed lot. These are succinct & effective descriptions of absolute tyranny & thus command timeless application & unprecedented parallel across the generational divide. In these glaring truths of self evidence, the Declaration remains an unbreakable mirror of revelation for recalcitrant governments everywhere, vividly confessing every wart, callus & pustule that attempts to shun the light.

No freedom is ever free, therefore, liberty must be physically purchased in the Patriot's & Tyrant's blood. Within the 2nd Amendment is garrisoned the requisite weapons for the initial demand & vigilant preservation of the Free State.

Overtime, the operational fulcrum where the commanding weight of We The People shall rest, will continue to be on the 2nd Amendment. This will never change due to Man's insidious duplicity, which lies untamed, just beneath his shallow smile. Thus, the 2nd Amendment is an irrevocable guarantee that duly ensures the citizenry's unfettered access to a perpetual bulwark that is the necessary means to properly execute their duty-bound eternal defense of the Free State.

Once the physical being inhabits the well of self-determination, civilization then allows for wit, wisdom & persuasion to be the order of the day & thus maintain the political balance. Man's better angels are then set free to roam & improve the lot of others.

However, the State has a severe predisposition towards the naked display of self-servile hedonism, resulting in it's continual mis-comprehension of the actual hierarchy.

The consensually governed swiftly becomes the unrighteously ruled.

Initially, out of a feigned appearance of restraint, rights are only cleverly dismissed. Soon after, rights simply become objects of jest & sport as the fiefdoms of old once again cruelly dominate the bitter landscape.

No retreat remains. The smite simply becomes involuntary action.

I bow to no man & never will.

By hook or by crook, this creed shall persist.

The State simply can stake no claim.