Since Sep 27, 2001

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Served in the Air Force as an EOD tech during the thankless Carter years and honorably discharged in Nov. 1980. I am a registered Libertarian, although I consider myself a Jacksonian rather than a Jeffersonian Libertarian. This is because I recognize my ownership in common of the entire infrastructure (schools, roads, ports, libraries, parks, airports, courts, armies, weapons, hospitals, markets, etc...) built and paid for by myself and my ancestors, and my right to protect this from illegal aliens, Tyrants, and totalitarian movements which threaten my life, loved ones, fellow citizens, and my common share in the United States of America. So unlike many Libertarians I don't believe in free immigration, Citizenship means a share in Trillions of dollars worth of property both real and intrinsic. Also unlike many Libertarians I believe in using the military aggressively to reduce dangers to me and mine, to open foreign markets, and to protect American citizen’s free movement around the globe. I am not overly concerned with the rights of non-citizens, or the forcing of American political, legal, and economic systems down their throats. There is no arguing with American success, and if we can make other nations more like us, they will be stronger trading, and political partners, and we can add their strength to ours.