Since Nov 30, 2000

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U.S. Marine Corps 1951- 54, served in Korea. Over 33 years federal law enforcement, U.S. Border Patrol & U.S. Customs Service. Presently retired. Was employed several years as Field Representative/Specialist for several large companies, interviewing and recruiting employees. Represented and assisted field accounts in Customer relations, promotion and marketing.

During the 2001 Presidential election we were very active and had over 100 members actively participating across the Nation in our local communities.

The 2010 Congressional Election is critical to the United States. We must have "honest to goodness" real Conservatives elected to the U.S. Congress who will abide by the Constitution and protect American Sovereignty. We are opposed to the effort to Socialize healthcare and have the Federal Government take over 1/6th of the National Economy.

We're ready, able and willing to cooperate and network with any established FR Chapters or other conservative groups. Please join with us to ensure FREE, HONEST Elections! If we lose the Right to Free, Honest Elections- ALL of our other Rights will soon follow! May God Save Our Free Republic!