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Can a maiden forget her ornaments, or a bride her attire?
Yet my people have forgotten me days without number. Jer. 2:32

Where is the wise man? Where is the scribe? Where is the debater of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world? For since, in the wisdom of God, the world did not know God through wisdom, it pleased God through the folly of what we preach to save those who believe. For Jews demand signs and Greeks seek wisdom, but we preach Christ crucified.......1 Cor 1:20-23



Out of the Mouths of Freepers

"Maybe we need a new hominid species - Homo democratus. Would have invented fire, but did not want to contribute to global warming. Would have learned to hunt, but thought animals had a right to exist also. Would have fought off predators, but believed they had legitimate concerns as well. Would have made tools, but that was actual work." ~by dirtboy

"The first time Kennedy complained that President Bush didn't have an exit strategy for Iraq I called his office and asked if he had an exit strategy for Mary Jo when he shoved his car off the bridge with her in it. The aide was not amused." ~by OldFriend

"I like smart people more than intellectuals." ~Conspiracy Guy

"I had heard that the President was going to introduce a new way of funding all these new entitlement programs. It is called "The Micheal Moore initiative". The plan simply put, is that all those rich people in Hollywood, like Moore, Paltrow and Streisand must stop taking money from the poor people around the world. They may only keep $50,000 a year; and they must give the rest to the government. That's it." ~by tuckrdout

Well, according to my sources, the Beagle_2 didn't crash. It survived the landing but lost comms. In fact, shortly before losing communication with us, the Spirit rover went over a ridge and caught the Beagle_2 "doing the nasty" with one of the Viking landers. Last comm from Spirit was "she's mine"... ~by mikegi

"If you can't handle the risks associated with breathing, I suggest you stop." ~by patton

"Well, if one were to project the rate of degeneration of moral values in our society at this current rate , the 2020 SuperBowl should have live sex acts with goats after Aerosmith finishes their number." ~by mlbford2

"Sometimes I think the universe is a snow globe sitting on God’s desk." ~by tractorman

"Some scientists also believe in global warming. Some in evolution Some in little green men. This article is just one more reason I don't believe in scientists........." ~by festus

"The New York Times is for liberal "intellectuals" who were educated beyond their intelligence."~ by petercooper

No, he was not a "VICTIM", he was a "CASUALTY". You have a victim in a car accident or a mugging. In a war, those who die are CASUALTIES! 9/11 was the first large-scale successful attack launched on the Fatherland. When we call those who died in those attacks "VICTIMS" we minimize their status in American history. ~ by olde north church

"You've got to be kidding. Kennedy drowned a girl, disappeared for eight hours and got away with it. In Massachusetts, running against a Kennedy may not be illegal, but it's considered to be in very bad taste. The rapes at the family compound, massive cheating on his wife, alcoholism, don't matter. I've seen some of his speeches where he's so drunk he can't pronounce words. Doesn't matter in Massachusetts. He's a Kennedy, and he will be re-elected. There is nothing, and I mean nothing that could hurt him in terms of being re-elected. It could be revealed he had been carrying on affairs with Ann Coulter, Matt Drudge, Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh and he'd be re-elected. There could be video of him shooting Martin Luther King and he'd be re-elected. The rest of the country isn't that impressed with the Kennedys, hence the fact that a Kennedy has only won one national election, and that was by stuffing ballot boxes in Chicago, but being a Kennedy in Massachusetts is better than being royalty. People from Massachusetts don't care. They'll vote for him."
~Richard Kimball

It’s clear that there’s a lot of genetic information in all creatures and that their attributes can change based on the environments they find themselves living in. Adaptability by life to live under different conditions is not something anyone rejects.

However just because life adapts and you get more specialized animals that can live in a certain environment better than their predecessors, that doesn’t mean they ever had the genetic information to change from bird to lizard, or from one type of animal to another. Instead we see more specialized animals of the same kind being generated. And we also know from genetics that this specialization actually decreases the amount of genetic diversity in those animals than their former predecessors. So the variation you are celebrating as evolution is giving us less genetically robust, specialized species. They get to a point where a mutt can give you many different types of dogs (but they are all dogs) but if you get to a certain purebred and that’s the only kind of dog you’re going to get.

The evolutionists have yet to show one species (macro-evolution) coming from another. And having a second one that exists at the same time that the new species can mate with. Variation within a species nobody disputes because no matter what attributes vary, you still get a bird, or pig, or cat. If macro-evolution was true, we’d have seen it by now, and we’d also never be able to be sure that our animals would give birth to the same kind of animal they are. We don’t sit around and think the cat may have something other than kittens THIS time. We occasionally get an animal with two heads or an extra leg, but in all those cases the animal is not better off and the extra appendage is useless - a defect rather than a benefit. The mutation never creates a part that wasn’t already in the genetic code of the animal - the cow doesn’t get a wing, or scales, or a thumb. They get another part they already had the information to build. Their code contains information to adapt to be different types of cows, but not different types of animals. They will always be a cow because their genetic information does not and never had the information to become a bird. If you never had that information to begin with, there’s now way you’re going to develop it because life requires stability and our chromosomes and the cellular replication processes are designed to maintain that life form. We know what happens to life forms when that mechanism gets damaged - ever hear of cancer?

No one has ever seen macro-evolution (new species from existing species, ex. no bird from lizard), never recorded, some say some theories say you can’t ever see it because everything is now too specialized, some say it happens too gradual, some say it happens extremely fast when it does but the gaps it occurs at are wide apart, yet we’re told this is evolutionary gospel.
~Secret Agent Man

Liberal atheists believe the universe and all life happend spontaneously, and evolved on it’s own. But suddenly, NOW, every living thing, up to and including Earth, must be micromanaged for the betterment of all.
~ Valpal1

Wisdom from Lurkers' Grandfather: "Boy, stupid is supposed to hurt."
~ Lurker

I feel that voting for anybody on Dancing with the Stars would put a permanent black mark on my cultural cool. But this is very funny and may inspire me to put one right next to my grievous Spandau Ballet blemish.~dead

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