Dr. Bogus Pachysandra
Since Aug 30, 2005

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The less you know about Meta-Proctology, the better!

Dear Friend,

Since childhood I have had the gift of looking beyond the veil of space and time to perceive the many layers of existence. I use this gift of extrasensory perception to assist people in understanding the core issues of their disease on the meta-physical, emotional, intestinal, mental and soul-realms. Deep healing and re-patterning on multiple levels can be reached by working with hands-on modalities, the “quantum” non-local mind, and reading and activation of one’s DNA and cellular memories. As psychic healer, spiritual mentor, meta-proctologist and male midwife of the bowels, I bring over 30 years of experience to my work. I have traveled the world to learn from the lands and libraries of many cultures and traditions, always reaching towards understanding and fulfilling our destiny as human beings to participate fully in the awakening and evolution of our colons. I offer my intuitive healing sessions in person or by phone, specializing in crisis situations and in pre and post-bowel movement care. The cost is $750.00 per hour-long session. Dr. Bogus Uranus Pachysandra, MDP, DDS, Rear Admiral, Ret. Semper ubi sububi tuum!