Since Dec 26, 1997

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Retired Naval Officer/Carrier Aviator; Bechtel Exec, and Small Business Owner.

Retired to Coronado, Bullhead City, AZ, and thence to Battle Creek, Michigan. Age: 78.
Graduate of Culver Military Academy; BS,MS Miami University; Graduate (with honors) Naval War College; MS, Political Science, George Washington University.

Developed and implemented graduate level seminar keyed to Sam Huntington's
"Clash of Civilizations" at local Community College. Highly successful academic venture, keyed to current strategic challenges.
Serious Hold-Em player at Ramada Express, Laughlin a few mornings a week.

Captain Daniel K. Pope IV, USN (Ret)
former Personal Aide to Adm Thomas H. Moorer (1967-69)
CNO/CJCS (1967-71) Addendum: Moved back to Battle Creek, MI, 12/18/07. Needed four seasons and a nice bluegill on the end of my fly-line.