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Eighth generation American, my great-great-great-great-great grandfather was born near the banks of the Hudson river in 1761.
Like to think of myself as a bit of a historian and philosopher. Trouble is, there's way, way too much history to learn in a single lifetime!

Strengths: Computers, science, philosophy
Weaknesses: Good scotch whisky and bad Irish women!

After much study, I would say that if there is one philosophy or paradigm that the founders wanted it was something called "Right of conscience". Do a google on the term, and learn what self-government really means.

My FreeRepublic home page is dedicated to one of the founding fathers of America. A man who never set foot out of Europe. A man who's dedication, honesty, and love of God and liberty changed the face of the western world.

His name was Martin Luther.

In view of recent economic events, I can only add this. A quote I saw from a web page:

Gold is for optimists. Stock up on canned goods!