Since Apr 23, 2001

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I'm not into pictures so don't expect to ever see pictures of me or anything or anyone important in my life.

So I got suspended, then it turned into a ban for no reason I ever heard. Then I was unbanned, apparently along with many others. So it's good to be back and time for some changes here on the old about page.

Not that I have any idea what to say, but there it is. I read, I listen to music, I watch movies, I exercise, I relax. My favorite vacation destination is the pool, where I get sunburn and eye strain and very very happy. I'm a second generation SF nerd from my mother, and second generation computer nerd from my father, I don't know who to blame for all the other nerdiness. My favorite sports team is the Pittsburgh Steelers (SIX) though I've never even been near PA, and they've been my favorite team since the 70s. I also love hockey, and while I generally declare the Calgary Flames my favorite team my love of the sport is such that's really just a technicality, I love the game when it's played well and will root for the team that is doing so.

I'm mellowing out in my old age, which is nice. One of the keys to my mellowing out is having developed a very strong definition of what is and isn't my business, putting a lot of stuff in the "not my business" category, and learning that the less I bother with things not my business the happier I was. Because of that I pretty much no longer have a position on the social political spectrum, this can be confused for liberal but it isn't, I really just don't care about most of those things, people can sort it out without me. Fiscally and Constitutionally I'm still arch conservative though, stop taking my money and stop taking powers that are clearly forbidden, those are definitely my business, and I care.

That'll do for now, happy FReeping.