Since Nov 13, 2001

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I consider myself a liberal's worst nightmare: a redneck with a pickup, a library card, and a conceled carry permit!

I love any type of racing or competition that involves internal combustion, from F-1 to NASCAR to motocross to tractor pulls! I have been married twice, this time (and for the LAST time) for over 8 years to a better woman than the first one, with 3 boys to go with my 2. (Their ages range (30, 29, 27, 26, & 22. I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment!) No grandkids yet, but all things in their own time.

I worked for a delivery company for about 20 years as a driver, and 15 of those as the mechanic for a fleet of 6 Chevy/Grummon 1 Ton stepvans. I logged over 2 million miles in that time, and have seen/been to places in Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina that can only be described as "crafted by God's own hands."

Although I have had no "formal" training ('cept from my father), I am also an accomplished mechanic, welder, carpenter, plumber, and electrician. I can fix just about anything, (my wife says I even fixed her broken heart!), I'm always seem to be working on my house, my truck, my motorcycle, or anything someone brings me to fix. I FAITHFULLY listen to Rush, Hannity, Glen Beck, Mark Levine, and Laura Ingram when I can... If they don't say it, or it ain't on FR, it ain't worth bothering with!!!

To quote my favorite Southern humorist, the late, great, Lewis Grizzard (pronounced "griz ZARD"), who was American by birth; Southern by the Grace of God... "My political views are of the Right, because if you're Left, you can't go right, and if you're Right, you can't go wrong!"

The best, greatest, ONLY reference book needed by CIVILIZED (read: non-muslim) man to live by is the Holy Bible. Learn it. Love it. LIVE IT!

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