Since Jul 7, 2008

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Here’s a little bit of info about me...

I live in Cedar Park, Texas...which is a suburb of Austin. I’m divorced...but have a wonderful girlfriend...and two teenage sons...and earn my living as a professional trader...if you'd like to learn more about trading feel free to drop me a line.

I’m a veteran...having served in the 82nd ABN DIV from 1977 through 1980. For those familiar with the 82nd...I served in the CSC and HHC of the 2/504th PIR…and my handle is based on the nickname of the 504th.

I believe in free market concepts. I support lower taxes across the board as a stop gap measure to a complete revision of the IRS and the implementation of a fair tax system. I support HSA’s as a universal health care system.

I don’t subscribe to emotional climate change fact I’m trying to increase my carbon footprint just to pi$$ off the greenies! I don’t like being told that I’m automatically racist because I’m not voting for BHO. I support the death penalty and the right to bear firearms for personal protection.

I’m disappointed that as a company Exxon’s EEBTDA is only 8%. I’m against illegal aliens receiving any kind of benefits other than emergency medical care…and if they do then after the care is administered they should be deported swiftly.

I’m aginst children born to illegal aliens being automatically granted US citizenship. I’m pretty much a constitutionalist…I don’t believe in legislation from the bench. I believe that the permit process for energy exploration needs to be fast tracked and that if the greenies sue to hold up a project and loose then they must repay all legal fees incurred by the defendant…and I don’t believe in using corn for energy!

Best Regards,

Michael Harral
Cedar Park, Texas