Since Dec 17, 1999

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I’m a family man with two homeschooled kids and a wonderful wife. We moved to Knoxville Tenn. from Miami Fl. after Hurricane Andrew in 1992. I enjoy freeping and reading articles and commenting from time to time. My interests revolve around camping, fishing, and preparing my two kids for the coming times as we discuss them on the Free Republic and other like-minded forums.

Update:18years later. Both kids grown and turned out well. Homeschooling didn’t seem to stunt them much. My son is a movie and TV director currently living in the financial district of NYC, and my daughter after a stint working in studio at an NBC affiliate station, decided to open her own studio of dance. Both happily married. Wife and I sold our home in Knoxville and now live in the Smokey Mountains near Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge. Still lurking around Free Republic to stay informed.