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Set of Mormon Posting Tactics:
  1. DENY – Denial of the historical facts, the meaning of words, and even recorded beliefs.
  2. DIRECTLY ATTACK – Attack the sources, the critics, or anything to change the subject of discussion.
  3. DEFENSIVELY ATTACK – Use of a false defensiveness to shift the discussion away from the substance of the debate. The apologist might even make up an attack against them, and then use the invented attack to shift into a righteous defense.
  4. PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE DENIAL – Admit the truth of an argument, regardless of the merit of the evidence, and then dismiss its relevance; i.e., the “so what”-defense.
  5. FALSELY CLAIMED VICTORY – Proclamation of victory when the debate is not resolved.
  6. LOGICAL DISENGAGEMENT – Attempt to deny the relevance of questions or arguments, or simply refuse to answer relevant questions; i.e., run away.
  7. RATIONAL DISENGAGEMENT – Shift the argument out of the objective into the subjective. Bear testimony based on feelings where facts become irrelevant to rational perspective, and then there can be no rational argument.
  8. TOTAL WAR – Instigate a flame war, then hit the abuse button and get the thread pulled. Well-researched and well-argued posts on the thread then disappear into the ether.

The Problems with the "That's-not-official-Mormonism" Defense:

From Limiting “Mormonism” to “official” doctrine is counter-productive

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"Not at all. Just having a hard time accepting some of their threads (like this one for example) that I find extremely offensive. I’m at the point that I’m not going to allow any protected LDS/Mormon Caucus threads on FR. You can’t post offensive stuff like this and expect Christians not to object to it. And I’ll be damned if I’m going to suspend or ban or deny any Christian from objecting to what he believes is the false prophecy of Joseph Smith. Whether Mormons will feel welcome here after this or not is completely up to them individually."

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