Since Oct 18, 1998

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Half Truths are dangerous. You never know which half is the TRUTH

< US Army Security Agency 1964-1968
Charter Member VRWC Vast Right Wing Conspiracy! ! !
I was chairman of the committee to bring Monica to Slick. He took it hook, line & sinker.
We are looking for a Monica for ZERO. It's not easy. When we find one he says something real stupid and they go away.
Everything I need to know in life I learned in kindergarten. Do unto others, take a nap, if you make a mess clean it up. Nothing is so bad it can't be solved over a glass of milk and a cookie.
I didn't learn anything that useful with 8 years of college. Formerly StopBlamingStar & Voter#537 They both are out of date now. DeaconBlue was taken so I choose DeaconRed as I love my Alabama Crimson Tide. I also like RED as in RED State. . . .