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  I am a conservative machinist who lives in the Minneapolis area. My interests include rockpicking (and lapidary), target shooting, blacksmithing, and gunsmithing.

  I am also a Life Member of the NRA.

Editorial comment from the New York Slimes concerning the Heller decision from June 27, 2008

This audaciously harmful decision, which hands the far right a victory it has sought for decades, is a powerful reminder of why voters need to have the Supreme Court firmly in mind when they vote for the president this fall.

We almost lost a Constitutional and God given right by one vote on the Supreme Court. Something to think about when voting in November. Is that protest vote REALLY worth it?

Outstanding observation by Frankiep (5-30-2008)

   I believe that it is the combination of two things. One, that leftists are patient. Not saying that they are more patient than rational people, but their patience is key. Two, leftists have very skillfully made their agenda into a ratchet. That is, they understand that is self defeating to try to get every leftist policy/program they want implemented all at once. Instead they focus on securing small victories, “ratcheting” them in place as the widely accepted societal standard, then working towards their next small victory. If they fail it’s no big deal because their ratchet has guaranteed that even when they lose, they win.

   This is something that conservatives can learn from. Leftist’s ideals and visions may be driven by emotions and feelings, but the manner in how they work to achieve their goals is very rational. Conservatives on the other hand have ideals and visions driven by rational thought, but the manner in how we work to achieve our goals is very irrational and emotion driven.

   The conservative, for the most part, is very absolutist and will disregard out of hand any policy or politician who does not fit the mold of conservative one hundred percent (I am only speaking generally). The leftist will champion any person or policy that will in some way advance his agenda even if it does not fit the leftist mold one hundred percent. As a result, leftists are constantly making gains, or at the very least in a position to fight for gains, while conservatives are almost always playing defense. A perfect example of this is the gay marriage issue. Ten years ago would it have been considered a conservative ‘victory’ that a judge stated that a ban voted on by the citizens of a state didn’t violate the state constitution? Even when they lose, they win.

My thoughts concerning the Terri Schiavo execution?
The real fact of the matter is the deathocrats wanted Terri dead so that they could show that they had power over Bush and the Christian community. The libertarians wanted Terri dead so that they could show that they weren't like Bush or the Christian community.
And that's the way that it is.

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(If you wake up in a place where "the lesser of two evils" is your only choice, where are you?) from EternalVigilance
(A man who cheats on his wife, will also cheat his constituents. Character DOES count.) inspired by JaneNC
(I'll take a "third Bush term" over a second Carter term ANY DAY!) from To Hell With Poverty
(NRA Life Member and loving every minute of it!) from little old me.
(I think rap is the most hideous, unmitigated, idiotic celebration of "FAIL!" I've ever witnessed.) from Caipirabob
(Leftists think that “1984” was a suggestion instead of a warning.) from MrB
(Ignorance is this country's most expensive commodity.) from goldstategop
(They hate us cause they ain't us.) from sweet_diane
(Americans will root for the underdog, but they scorn a punching bag every time.) from niteowl77
(America needs Obama/Ayers like Auschwitz needed conveyor belts to speed things up.) from Zapalicious on YouTube.com
(God punishes Conservatives by making them argue with fools.) from LesbianThespianGymnasticMidget

Favorite Quotes:

"And 'tis the corruption of our nature that the offences we give, we write in the dust; Those we take, we engrave in Marble." - John Hewit (1658)

"When society tries to bless sin they are not helping the sinner. It is a very sad time for gays and lesbians. We have made their bondage to sin even harder for them to break. We have failed them." -- posted on 04/24/2005 5:08:09 PM CDT by Raycpa

"For me the Terri Schiavo case was the acid test of whether we were a civilized nation. We failed the test." -- posted on 01/06/2009 3:39:15 PM by Malesherbes

"This is what’s wrong with secondary education; academic studies take a backseat to political indoctrination and hedonism. Colleges are graduating morons who can’t tell a split infinitive from a dangling participle, and are totally incapable of understanding a credit agreement. That’s why we’re getting stoned and fornicating our way to third world status. Earth to Harvard: sexual gratification is not a vocation!!" --posted on 06/07/09 by Spok

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