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This is dedicated to my beautiful wife, Mary Jane, that I lost to breast cancer on May 5, 2004. The boys and I love you dearly and miss you badly. We praise God that you are now with Him, where there is no cancer, no sickness, and no pain. You walk on perfect legs that will never grow tired, and through the power of Jesus Christ we will someday walk with you again.

"I can do everything through Him who gives me strength."   Philippians 4:13 NIV

Breakfast Table
by Chris Rice

Was it a million miles to heaven
Too far to hear my lonely song
Or is it just my imagination I hear you humming along
I only hold you in my dreams now
I wake up with cold and empty arms
Lord help me get through this long night without you
And soon as the morning comes
Soon as the morning comes

Save me a seat at the breakfast table
Save me a dance around the Milky Way
And save me a thousand years
to whisper in your ears
All I’ve wanted to say
Save me a smile and an angel’s feather
Save me a walk down the streets of gold
And baby, we’ll change our minds
just like old times
And maybe we’ll just fly away
Or maybe we’ll stay

My lucky doll, you’re in heaven before me
You were my taste of heaven here
Remember we loved to talk about it,
we couldn’t wait to get there
So you go on and find your way around now
But remember I’m here missing you
Do me a favor and say hey to Jesus
And tell him I’m missing him too

Many thanks to ThePythonicCow!