Since Feb 22, 2010

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My main interest is in seeing Harry Reid’s history of corruption fully exposed.

I have just published my book, HARRY: Money Mob and Influence In Harry Reid's Nevada, now available on Amazon.com and in Las Vegas at the Amber Unicorn Bookstore in the Trader Joes center near Decatur and Sahara.


Reid's original campaign manager (Don Williams) swears and is polygraphed that he picked up bags of cash for Harry from pimp Joe Conforte of the Mustang Ranch brothel. Conforte was mob connected, so that means Reid's time on the Nevada Gaming Commission was corrupted.

A full length articl that covers most topics is here Where Reid's Money Came From

Another Freeper has also located a casino mogul employee who also was present when envelopes were passed to Reid. This is hot stuff, enough to take Harry down, but I am self funded and self published. The book was simply too hot for agents to handle. Anyone with connections to national media please contact me.

To order the book and see some promo try this link first

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