Since Oct 15, 2005

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Liberty IS the acceptance of risk. Everybody here at FR loves to talk about Liberty. Very few are willing to accept the high price of liberty; Risk.

In the long course of human history, liberty is an anomaly. The human heart yearns to perpetrate tyranny. We do this because organization, specialization and cooperation are what makes us a successful species. Freedom, and the acceptance of the risk concurrent with liberty is generally too high a price to pay.

Instead of demanding liberty, I will be more blunt. I will accept the high price of risk in order to reap the bounty of liberty. I do this with my eyes wide open, and with a firm belief that this world, this short brutish life is only a beginning. This thesis is the necessary corner stone which allows me to accept risk in return for liberty.

Many psuedo-freedom lovers here at FreeRepublic crawl under a rock, cower, squeal like school girls and give up liberties the very instant that risk is introduced.