Since Nov 22, 2010

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In 98 I was working evening shift and seen a late night commercial offering a free Koran. Because I have an interest in all religions, especially Christian Cults, I ordered it and read it even though it was a very difficult read. I noticed peaceful verses and violent verses but did not know what to make of it all. Then after 911 I read the Koran again and this time I discovered a verse that talked about later verses superseding earlier verses. But I did not know which where early and later verses. Even after this and 911 I still believed that Islam was not a big concern for me as the only ones blowing things up where “terrorist” and not all Muslims where terrorist, right? Then came 9/09/10, it was the day that changed my life and mission. Because I have Mormons, Oneness Pentecostals, Word of Faithers and Bible Missionaries in my family, I had devoted the last 10 years to Christian Cult Apologetics, and then came along Pastor Terry Jones, needless to say him and his Burn a Koran day changed my life. Here is why.

On 9/9/10 I visited a friends political blog and seen a post about the Burn a Koran Day. I’m not really sure why but I thought, this jerk could to set the whole world ablaze if he burns them Korans. I visited Jones site and also went to his facebook page and a facebook page that was against the Koran burning. What I seen shocked me. It went like this,,,”we will kill you all if you burn our Koran”,, and non Muslims responded by saying,,, “not if we kill you all first”.

The non-muslims where posting videos of Muslims burning people alive, beheading people, stoning people, hanging people, beating women,,etc. I had seen a couple of these videos but had no idea there where so many. And of course on 9/11 they was showing all the tributes on TV which included the jumpers from the towers, I was really overwhelmed but still spent a total of five days on those facebook pages. One day as soon as I awoke, it dawned on me that I never seen a single Muslim denounce those atrocious videos without also half heartedly justifying them. And many Muslims outright condoned the terrible acts. That day I noticed that far to many of the ones who condoned such acts where living in the west. I knew right then that there are not as many “moderate Muslims” as myself and most people thought. I decided that day that I would be changing the focus of my ministry and dedicating my life to studying Islam and telling others about it’s dangers. I started this blog on Islam and because I am disabled I plan on doing counter-jihad work full time until I die.